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Real College Students Share Their Must-Have Cold Weather Running Gear

December 7th, 2016 at 2:00am

When I go running I need fresh air and gorgeous scenery. In December, I love running down a nearby trail midday when the temperature is the “warmest.” The feeling of the sun on your back feels like no other. I’ve always had a thing against gyms with their confusing equipment and harsh florescent lights.

But when gusts of frosty wind hit hard, you’ll need the proper gear to prepare for your next practice or run. Sure you could run inside, but experiencing the crisp air is so much more enjoyable then running on a treadmill going nowhere.

If you live for running outdoors but need gear to keep you bundled-up, check out what these athletes on my campus wear when they run in the cold. Grab a water bottle, your favorite playlist and these new clothes to get outside, push yourself further and set some new PRs.


Umbar Kassa – Junior, York College of Pennsylvania

Umbar’s least favorite part about running is when it’s so cold that she feels like her body is numbing. “I need pieces that keep me toasty,” she says. “And this Nike Windbreaker is loose-fitting but effective in keeping me warm in the wind-vortexes of York.”

These gloves from The North Face are tight around the wrist and don’t allow cold air to seep through. “A tip I learned from my lacrosse team for sub-zero temperatures is to grab a pair of latex gloves to wear underneath. The gloves work as an insulator and keep all of the heat trapped inside,” she admits.

If you’re looking for quality, you should invest in a pair of the Under Armour Leggings that Umbar owns. “I’ve had this pair forever because the quality has been the same since I bought them!”


Morgan Jones – Junior, York College of Pennsylvania

“The hardest part about running in the cold is finding what clothes work for you,” Morgan admits. “When you own all of the right pieces, it’s not as hard to get yourself outside.”

A light layer like this Champion Women’s Supersoft 1/4 Zip Pullover is a must because it’s the perfect in-between layer while bundling up. “It’s big enough to put a t-shirt underneath, but it’s thin enough to put a coat over for extra heat,” she says.

The intense December winds are tough to come up against, and the last thing you’ll want to worry about is cold ears. To stay warm, try a soft, cable-knit Under Armour Headband that Morgan swears by.

“While warming up for cross-country practice, these Champion Fleece Lined Leggings keep my legs cozy,” Morgan says. “It’s easier to pull a muscle when it’s cold outside, so I wear these leggings to keep my legs ready to conquer the daily sprint workouts.”img_3420untitlead

Ryan Ockford – Junior, York College of Pennsylvania

Stretching before you exercise can be brutal when it’s cold outside. Your body is definitely not used to the change of temperature, and the only way to warm up is to run. At the beginning of your next workout, wear a snood around your neck (like Ryan) until the rest of your body heats up.

Ryan picked these Nike Compression Leggings because “legs are the most important part of your body while running. If they’re cold, you’ll pull a muscle that you won’t be prepared for.”

“As long as your neck, hands and legs stay warm, you’re covered,” Ryan says. “I’ll grab an insulated lightweight sweatshirt because I can always add a layer on top. I don’t like wearing bulky clothes because it feels like it slows me down.”