You're Going to See These Jewelry Trends All Over Your Pinterest Feed...Here's How to Get The Look

January 19th, 2022 at 12:00pm
You're Going to See These Jewelry Trends All Over Your Pinterest Feed...Here's How to Get The Look

Gen Z is dazzling into the new year, elevating basic accessories with all things sparkles. According to Pinterest Predicts, quirky jewelry is about to take over wardrobes — from rhinestones to gems to charms. Expect some creativity when it comes to decorating your personality in the near future.

We have the Y2K movement to thank for the revival of some of these once crazed jewelry trends. Body piercings, tooth gems, and sparkles are coming back with a modern twist. It’s time to move past chunky gold hoops and pearl chokers. You better find your childhood bedazzler, because you are going to need it! Keep reading for 10 quirky jewelry trends to shop in 2022. 

01. Tooth Gems 

Yes, you read that right. Gen Z trendsetters are incorporating teeth jewelry into their look, changing the meaning behind a beaming smile. This trend has been spotted on several stylish celebrities from Miley Cyrus to Rihanna to Adwoa Aboah and is trending on TikTok. Get ahead of the wave and start decorating your pearly whites. 

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Photo courtesy of Etsy.

SweetSmileGems Professional DIY Tooth Gem Kit 

This starter kit on Etsy is exactly what you need to try this jewelry trend out. Apply the Swarovski crystals with UV Bonding Resin for gems that last 4-6 weeks. 

Buy Now for $29.

02. Crystal Eye Make-Up 

Euphoria season two is out, which means sequin make-up has officially made a come back. These embellishments are here to stay and only becoming more popular. Place these skin-safe gemstones in the outer corners of your eyes up to your brow bone to convince everyone you are, in fact, the main character. 

Photo courtesy of ASOS.

ASOS In Your Dreams Baby Bascra Face Gems

Start out with this pack of 100 mixed crystals to take part in the 2022 makeup trend that is about to take over the beauty industry. Here’s an idea — show up to your next party in full glam and see how it goes.

Buy Now for $12.

03. Nail Gems 

In 2022, we are upping our nail game. Gen Z is ready to play with color and 3D textures to decorate our hands this time around. Elevate a simple color by sticking a gem or two on top. I promise you will love it.

Photo courtesy of Target.

Bright Creations Hotfix Rhinestones Set

Take a trip to your local Target and head straight to the beauty section…these gems are waiting for you. The Hotfix crystals come in all different sizes and can be used to decorate your nails, clothes, shoes, or anything else you are eager to bedazzle.

Buy Now for $12.

04. Hair Rhinestones

Do you remember that hair blinger we all owned in the early 2000s’? Hopefully, you still have yours because hair jewelry is back. Ever since iconic celebs (Alicia Keys, Saweetie, and Naomi Osaka) showed up to the 2021 Met Gala with sparkling hairstyles, the internet has been going crazy over this trend. 

Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Blinger Glam Styling Tool

Yes, the Blinger is back. This is a great option for anyone who wants to give hair jewelry a chance when they don’t have the skills of a professional stylist. 

Buy Now for $13.

05. Pearl Drop Earrings

I just found the perfect pair of handmade pearl drop earrings at a second-hand market and I am obsessed. While this accessory might bring you back to the giant pearl studs everyone wore in 2010, pearl earrings are back — just in a different form.

Photo courtesy of Mejuri.

Mejuri Bold Pearl Drop Earrings

Mejuri uses cultured pearls from oysters and freshwater mussels, providing quality pieces that will last. I love this style and the unique shaping of each pair. 

Buy Now for $65.

06. Resin Rings

In the new year, acrylic rings are out and resin rings are in. This bubble style is modern and classy, and will pair perfectly with any outfit. Embrace color and sparkle with this jewelry trend and collect one for each finger.

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

Urban Outfitters Roxy Resin Ring Set

These rings come in sets of three at an affordable price. Opt for the glittery red, lavender, and neon orange pairing or decorate your hand with sparklingly turquoise, tangerine, and sage.  

Buy Now for $18.

07. Bejeweled Hair Accessories

The 2021 hair clip trend has upgraded in the new year. Now, we are bedazzling our accessories. From clips to pins to headbands, sparkling accessories will bring some extra attention to any hairstyle.

Photo courtesy of Ulta Beauty.

Scünci Mixed Pin Set

The blush and ivory pieces in this set can be worn together or separately to add spice to any outfit. In 2022, trendsetters are styling these clips in the front of their hair to frame their face. Find them at Ulta before they’re gone!

Buy Now for $12.

08. Charm Bracelet

I take most of my jewelry inspiration from my biggest fashion inspiration, Bella Hadid, who can never have enough layers of bracelets. To adopt this style, a charm bracelet that holds some meaning to you is a great investment for 2022. The sound of the metal consistently clinking together brings me right back to the stacks of Alex and Ani’s that sat on my wrist throughout my childhood.

Photo courtesy of Macy’s.

Holiday Lane Crystal & Imitation Pearl Sweetie Heart Charm Bracelet

This adorable accessory is perfect for the upcoming Valentine’s season. Made up of a combination of pastel colors, the charm bracelet is guaranteed to bring your wrist some love.

Buy Now for $30.

09. Facial Piercings

I don’t know how it happened, but this Y2K trend is really coming back. According to Pinterest 2022 Predictions, searches for lip piercings specifically have increased significantly. You are about to see Gen Z’s faces dazzling in the new year. 

Photo courtesy of Claire’s.

Claire’s Sterling Silver 22G Hinged Heart Nose Ring

Embrace the minimalist wave and look through Claire’s body jewelry section for simple, sterling silver pieces. The heart detailing on this nose ring is a great start.

Buy Now for $13.

10. Curated Earring Stacks

Curated ear piercings are taking over Gen Z’s Pinterest boards. In 2022, many are planning to bling out the rim of their ear with a combination of coordinating jewelry. Trendsetters are getting creative with it, with a mixture of charms, gems, and crystals.

Psst this trend is your sign…go get a spontaneous piercing with your besties!

Photo courtesy of Etsy.

Elevado Dangle Gemstone Everyday Ear Stack Set

This Etsy shop has a variety of combination stack sets to choose from. My personal favorite is the emerald stone. I predict green is going to be a big color in jewelry in the new year.

Buy Now for $30 (3 earrings) or $60 (6 earrings).

2022 is the year to bring out your creative side and embrace your inner sparkle. Push past your comfort zone and adopt these jewelry crazes if you want to be a trendsetter starting January.

Featured image by @mainlymanisha.