Why This Insider Attributes Finding a Lifestyle Rather Than a Job to Her Career Success

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Upon being dubbed “a star” by Vogue, most people would usually let such accolades go directly to their head. Not Grace Elizabeth. This 20-year-old model, who made her Victoria’s Secret runway debut in Paris alongside legends like Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio, has stayed grounded and humble, thanks in large part to her supportive family and small town roots.

This model-on-the-rise has already learned so much not only about the industry, but life itself. While can’t all be one of the faces of VS Pink, here are a few things we learned from Grace Elizabeth that we can all apply to our own lives:

1—Be crafty. Every new job comes with unexpected things you have to learn on the fly (pun intended). When preparing for the Victoria’s Secret runway show, she found the iconic wings were actually a lot heavier than they appear. Instead of freaking out or complaining (or both), she problem solved. Grace Elizabeth walked around her apartment with her own set of DIY “wings” (aka ankle weights suspended on a broom stick that she tied to her back).

2—Work hard in everything you do. “[Modeling is] not like the movies, but it is rewarding.” Modeling is a job like anything else. You have the earn your spot. That means early call times and late nights. Being professional, punctual, and prepared no matter the job is a key to success.

3—Instagram is the new portfolio. No matter if you are an aspiring model or not, all future employers look at your social media presence to see if you are “on brand” and a good fit to join their company. So make sure your social media presence reflects your personality in a professional manner.

4—The importance of home. For Grace Elizabeth, going home is the best way to relax and recharge. For her, NYC is a working home; going home to Florida is about going home to remember who she is and how she got there.

5—Confidence is everything. This small town girl had to work really, really hard to make it in the big city. But according to her, accepting and believing in yourself can take you very, very far. (And we can’t help agree!)

Grace Elizabeth dispensed this insightful advice and more (including who her professional role model is, two things she always travels with, and her off-duty wardrobe essentials) exclusively with us in our latest podcast episode.

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