Everything You Need To Know About Starting A Podcast 

November 14th, 2022 at 10:00am

Podcasts have become the it-girl media source. Maybe, it was the lull of the pandemic or the need to get news in a different way, but Gen Z loves a good podcast! With some of the most popular content creators starting podcasts of their own, everyone has joined in on the fun. Whether you want to listen to current events or pop culture debates, you’ll easily be able to find a show you’re interested in. 

We’ve all had moments after listening to our favorite podcasts where we think about how fun it would be to have our own. You start podcasting and it’s not as hard or scary as you think. Here are a few tips on creating a podcast of your own. 

1. Get inspiration from your favorite podcasts

I’ve recently started my own podcast, Internet Best Friends, that’s all about pop culture and entertainment. I dove into the realm of content creation last year, by beginning to grow my Instagram account. What appeals to me the most about sharing my life online is getting to talk about things I love with people who have the same interests. Fashion, movies, music, and all things in between, are what you can expect to hear from my podcast.

I gained inspiration from a few of my favorite podcasts, Are We Still Friends? and Circle Time These two particular shows have very strong and clear themes along with hosts that are genuinely entertaining. With a plethora of podcasts floating around streaming services, College Fashionista members weighed in on their favorite podcasts that are constantly on repeat including Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain, Crime Junkie, SmartLess, and Drama Queens.

CF member and avid podcast listener McKinley Franklin is very passionate when it comes to podcasts. Some of her personal favorites are Note to Self for the hosts Payton Sartain authenticity, Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe for updates on The Bachelorette, and Sibling Rivalry hosted by RuPaul’s Drag Race stars Bob the Drag Queen and Monét X Change for their friendship chats. 

Franklin likes the fact that she can connect with hosts and when she listens to one of her favorite podcasts, it feels like she’s on a call with a friend. She, like many others, listens to at least one podcast a day. Take a listen to some of your favorite podcasts and take note of what you like about them so you can apply those elements to your own show. 

2. Decide what kind of podcast you want to create 

CF member Niah Davis hosts a podcast with her brother Calil titled,  Black & ‘burban, where they share their experiences growing up Black in the suburbs. Speaking to Davis, I gathered more details on what made her want to start podcasting and to receive advice for college students looking to launch a podcast in the future. 

“There is something different about growing up Black when your family wasn’t necessarily rich, but you didn’t have to struggle and wonder where your next meal would come from,” Davis said. “We have covered topics from learning in our 20s to Black representation in the media.”

With an ever-growing social media presence, Davis wanted a platform to discuss meaningful topics. Starting her own podcast has changed how she’s consumed others, with her now looking for ways to improve her show and also hear other points of view on topics she’s discussed. 

Decide the message you want to share and base the theme of your show off that. It can be about entertainment, politics, society, college, or yourself. The possibilities are endless and that’s the best part!

3. Learn as much as you can 

I personally wanted to learn as much as I could about podcasting before diving into creating my own. There are so many articles and videos on the topic, but I personally loved watching Katie Steckly’s YouTube series on creating a podcast. She’s a content creator and social media agency founder with a podcast of her own who shares so many great tips in her series including how to record, edit and grow your podcast. 

I also recommend talking to other podcasters, especially those in college like Davis. 

When giving advice for future podcasters, Davis highlighted the fact that there’s something for everyone, and even if it gets hard never give up. 

“Accept that there will be some bumps in the road, but you will ultimately learn from those mistakes. Don’t give up, just pick up the mic and try again,” Davis said.  

4. Choose your equipment and platform

One of the most important steps is getting the equipment to record your podcast. I promise it’s not as bad or expensive as you think. You can get affordable headphones and a microphone off of Amazon to start off with. Steckley also has great YouTube videos on podcast equipment and platforms to hold your podcast on. 

For equipment, I ended up getting a FIFINE microphone and I use my Sony headphones that I already had and record the show on my Macbook. There are multiple options for hosting your podcast like Squarespace, AudioBoom, and Anchor. I personally use Anchor and find it to be a super easy one-stop shop for recording, editing, and publishing my podcast. 

5. Create outlines for each episode 

Some podcasters like having an outline for their shows and some like to just talk from the heart. I like having a broad outline of topics I want to discuss so I don’t get too off track. It gives me freedom while making sure I hit all the points I want to make. 

Davis shared planning ahead for her episodes helped her prepare to record each show.

As a volleyball player and college student at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Davis has a busy schedule to balance. She and her brother thought long and hard about the theme of their podcast and did research on how to get started. They talk to each other frequently over FaceTime to plan topics, guests, and recording schedules. 

Decide what will work best for you and go from there.

6. Don’t worry about the podcast competition 

So many people have podcasts now, I personally was worried about starting my own and having it not be a success. Nothing good happens overnight, and your favorite podcasters worked hard to get where they are today. Everyone has to start somewhere, you never know who will blow up next and why shouldn’t it be you? 

Franklin chimed in on the recent popularity of podcasts. 

“I think that there’s been a recent infatuation with podcasts due to their ability to cultivate human connection,” Franklin said. “Anyone can start a podcast, but the best hosts are real, raw, and take their time to cultivate a space that feels right for them.” 

Regarding the rise in the number of podcasts in the past couple of years, Franklin doesn’t mind because she is loyal to her favorites and can find something new to add to her playlist.  

“I honestly never feel overwhelmed by the amount of podcasts consuming the market. I stick to podcasts that I love and tune into new ones that feel right for me, not because they’re considered popular,” Franklin explained. 

Once people connect with you and what you have to say, they’ll tune in regardless of how big your show is. Real growth takes time so as long as you put in the hard work you’ll see results!

7. Get Your Podcast Started! 

It’s safe to say that podcasts are here to stay and rightfully so. With so many great podcasts in the social space, you can easily discover your favorite by searching through Spotify or Apple Music in the podcast section by podcast topics. That will help you find a starting place and a community you can relate to. If you want to start a podcast yourself, don’t be afraid to give it a try. You never know where it may lead and making your voice heard on your own terms is a great accomplishment.

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