The Perfect '80s Revival Styles

July 5th, 2017 at 2:00am

Most of us, I’m sure, have heard from parents or family members about the big ’80s fashions from the big shoulder pads, animal prints on everything and where a denim jacket was a staple in everyone’s closets. It was hard to believe them when they said that’s what was in fashion, but surprisingly enough, these are all making a comeback this year.

Styles that were huge in the ’80s have already slowly been creeping back into our closets in recent months. We have already seen a huge increase in the wearing of denim jackets; styles range from ripped to acid washed and patched. I’m sure we have all, myself included, have made fun of old pictures of our family where there are huge shoulder pads in jackets and giant jean jackets with neon colors flashing all over. We were wondering what was running through their heads when getting dressed. Well, in a short amount of time, we could be taking on our own version of these styles. Fur jackets and fur vests made a comeback this winter, and fun furs that are brightly colored and non-form fitting clothing are around the corner for us. Metallic fabrics and gold lamé will be lighting up your closet, just like they had in the ’80s. A bold neon lip color to accent your mirrored sunglasses will have your face stand out from the crowd. With your metallic and furs, you will be pairing a wide waist-cinching belt to complete your look. Everything is becoming big again from your shoulder pads to your belts all the way back to the big ’80s hair. So get your hairspray ready and your neon lips plumped for this ’80s comeback year.

Along with these few ’80s-inspired styles, there are so many more ideas for reviving that ’80s fashion into the 21st century. To be honest, it will be interesting to see how bulky our shoulders get and how cinched our waists become.

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