One Trend We Are Definitely Not On The Fringe About

One Trend We Are Definitely Not On The Fringe About

Young people are misunderstood in a lot of ways. Whether it’s our use of social media, our sleeping habits or our fashion preferences, adults always somehow find something about our lives to criticize. While we probably should listen to their comments every once in a while, one thing we should not stand for is their criticism of our sartorial choices.

If you own a pair of ripped jeans, you have without a doubt been asked, “Did you pay to get those holes in your jeans?” This question was probably asked by your dad thinking he was coming up with the world’s most original joke. He was not. The first time this question was asked, you may have tolerated it. The fifth time—not so much.

Much to your dad’s chagrin (or yours, more likely), there’s a new trend on the block that will give even more fuel to his wise-cracking fire. Enter: Fringed denim. If you’ve somehow missed the fringed denim craze, it’s safe to bet that you haven’t ventured out of your house in a number of years. This trend is everywhere—and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

In fashion, it’s an unspoken yet widely known fact that we’re all looking for a way to appear full of effortlessly cool vibes. Whether we achieve that through messy hair or a ripped jeans, there is no doubt that we’re all trying to get the look—which is why we are all over frayed denim. Nothing says “I’m too cool and busy to care” like a waterfall of thread hanging from the hem of your jeans. And honestly, what more could you want to say?


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