Confirmed—These Tips Will Save Every and All Nail Polish Blunders

Ever had major issues painting your nails? The color isn’t right? You painted outside the lines? You accidentally smudged the paint job? If you are i) a human and ii) ever painted your nails, then the answer to at least one of these has to be “yes.”

The next time you find yourself messing up that manicure your splurged on or before you decide to tackle the task at home, be sure to check out these tried and true hacks that will take your nails from fail to fab.

1—Spray PAM or hairspray on your nail polish to make it dry faster.

2—Run your nails under cold water after you paint them to make them dry in under 3 minutes.

3—Thin out dried out nail polish with a bit of nail polish remover. Just add and shake!

4—Outline your nail bed with petroleum jelly to prevent unwanted nail polish.

5—Lick your finger to remove a smudge.

6—Paint your nails white before using color to make it pop.

7—Brush whitening toothpaste onto your nails to whiten them in 10 minutes.