Men's Business Casual Must-Haves

July 19th, 2017 at 2:00am

What does business casual mean to you? You would assume it would be a pair of blue jeans and a black T-shirt, considering the word “casual” is thrown in there, right? Well, it is not so in this case. But have no worries, I am here to help!

First thing first, ditch the tie. A suit jacket and a tie is not the business casual I mean. Perhaps consider a blazer, or go without a blazer and just wear a pressed button down shirt, leaving the top button undone, as in this look (below). Along with a navy blue undershirt to go underneath, but be cautious and don’t wear a white undershirt, that displays more of a raggedy look rather than an office-ready look. So always stick with darker shades underneath.

Need a place to carry your laptop and folders? I recommend instead of using a colossal briefcase, expand your options and go for a leather backpack. It is very sleek, out of the way and comfortable.
Jeans are a sticky topic when it comes to business casual, so I would stick to buying a pair of slacks or khakis. To add more of an aesthetic look, I would go for a pant that is a different color to that of your shirt. Here we have navy blue slacks, with a classy leather belt (it is always nice to have that extra hold on your waist—no one wants to see your boxers!).
Since you are already dressing down your whole outfit, make sure your shoes pop. Shoes tie together the whole outfit, so they are very important to your ensemble. Shoes with hues of brown or navy are often a great match to any outfit. Dark brown leather Oxford shoes offer the perfect balance in this case.
Business casual is meant to reflect a professional, yet relaxed setting. It is the 21st century’s new way of saying “Life is less formal.” So remember that quote when you’re standing in front of your closet that Monday morning before work.
Now that you have more of an idea of what business casual really means—Are you a fan of it? Let me know in the comments below!