Making the Most of Your Internship in NYC

Now that we’re in the thick of everyone’s favorite season, I’m sure you’ve settled into wherever you’re working or interning (if you’re not doing either, and traveling instead, make a little extra room in your suitcase for me please). This is my first summer interning in New York City, and despite the crowded trains (where literally everyone manspreads 24/7), and the alarming lack of sleep I’ve been getting, I absolutely love it! Since working eight hours every day and adding a three-hour overall commute on top of that leaves me little time once I get home, I’ve gotten into the habit of making the most of my time in the city while I’m there.

There are a ton of things I love about interning in the city besides the internship itself. For example, the streets of New York may not necessarily be paved with gold. However, there are filled with lots of exciting things to look at. Even my 15-minute walk to work is jam-packed with culture. Taking in the fashion and art on the streets is really a conscious decision. I think a lot of people simply want to get from point A to point B as fast as they can which creates a deficit of appreciation for all there is to see in the city. Keep your eyes open, and find the beauty that runs rampant throughout the Big Apple. I personally love the abundant, incredible murals!

Making the most of being in the city every day means ShakeShack, people. It’s everywhere in Manhattan, so you’ve got no excuse to try it if you’re ever there. Just the other week I met up with a friend at ShakeShack after work, and I can confirm that it never fails to satisfy!

Lastly, one of my favorite things about working in the city is that I’m forced to get an unlimited monthly train pass… seems like a downer if you only factor in the cost. However, having the unlimited monthly pass makes me want to squeeze every drop out of it. It makes me feel encouraged to go into the city and explore on the weekends and days off. There’s always something to do there, whether it’s finding little markets that sell über trendy cacti (someone please tell me what that’s all about), or going to drool-worthy churro joints in Soho. So get out there, and make the most of your time in this amazing city!

Any suggestions for my next “after work adventure?” Comment below!