10 Fashion-Related Summer Internships You Can Apply To Right Now

Whether you graduate this year or in three years, it’s never too early to begin looking for internships and job opportunities. Even if you don’t feel ready to apply yet, it wouldn’t hurt to get an idea of what opportunities are available for you.

The first step to a job or internship search is to make sure your resume is up-to-date and ready to go. There are tons of resources on CF for building and editing your resume, such as this one. You can also prepare yourself for writing cover letters. Check out this article to get started there.

Now that you have those basics down, you can actually get started on your search. I have compiled a list of my favorite places to look for fashion-related internships and jobs. 

At any of these websites, the first thing I would do is set my preferences and search filters. Do you only want to go to New York? Are you looking for a part-time role? Internship? Paid or unpaid? Remote? Utilizing these filters will help you and the website narrow down what you’re looking for.

My biggest piece of advice is very simple and very effective. Apply for everything. Even if you are convinced you only want to work in one place or work for one brand, apply for everything that even remotely piques your interest. If anything, you are getting your name in the door places and building backup options.

Take every interview you get, even if you’re not sure you want the position. For one thing, you may find things out about the position during the interview that makes you realize you actually would love that internship. If anything, you are gaining valuable interview experience. Interviews are difficult and nerve-wracking. The only way to get more comfortable during them is by practicing. 

Now that you know how to get started, here are 10 summer internships to begin your search.

1. College Fashionista Social Media Content Creation Intern – Remote

2. Fabletics Women’s Design Internship – Los Angeles, CA

3. Spencer’s Merchandising Internship – Egg Harbor, NJ

4. Tiffany & Co. Retail Learning Internship – New York, NY

5. GUESS Buying, Planning, Allocation Intern – Los Angeles, CA

6. TJX Product Development Intern – Framingham, MA

7. Jimmy Choo Press Office Intern – Los Angeles, CA

8. Steve Madden Brand Development Intern – New York, NY

9. Maison Margiela Retail Buying Assistant Internship – Paris, France

10. Pacsun Influencer Marketing Intern – Anaheim, CA

Another place I would recommend looking is a company job board. If you know you want to work for a specific brand, go to their website. For example, just a quick search of “Nike jobs” leads me to the website jobs.nike.com where I can use my preferred filters to see if they have anything I would want to apply for.

Now is the prime time to apply for internships. A lot of them are just opening up and a lot are closing soon, so be diligent and apply! Having an internship under your belt looks good on a resume, gets you industry experience, and builds your professional network.

Get out of your box when looking for an internship. Don’t hold yourself back from moving somewhere new or working for a brand you don’t typically buy from or have never heard from. Internships are meant to be a learning experience.

Good luck with your search! You got this.