How to Make Your First Apartment Unique and Memorable

August 1st, 2017 at 2:00am

Making the transition from your freshman dorm to an off campus apartment can be intimidating. It can include double the furniture, the roommates, and the responsibility. We all hope to style our first place to look straight out of an HGTV show, but being a little more daring can give a space much more personality and flare that can set your new place apart from the rest.

It is almost inevitable to have to buy a couple more pieces of furniture to fill the new space. New furniture can sometimes be expensive, without having the exact finish you are looking for. If you are picky like me, then going to a thrift store and picking up old pieces and making them exactly how I want them helps me make my space my own. With a new paint job and a little bit of love, any piece of furniture, whether it be for storage or decoration, can fit perfectly in a new place.

If you are confused about where to start, think about how to make your new place feel like home with personal touches. Being from Virginia Beach, I like to incorporate light tones and seaside elements. It can be as simple as maps of my favorite shoreline or surf magazines that double as decoration inside an old wooden crate. When putting pieces together, don’t be afraid to make everything match perfectly. As long as a general theme throughout is maintained, the rooms will flow together without having the need for all matching furniture sets. Details like these do not go unnoticed and make the home personalized to your unique experiences.

Can’t think of a specific way to incorporate personal touches? A great way to add originality is by adding foliage. Plants make a space feel clean and fresh while allowing room for creativity on the placement and choices of the greenery. I recommend starting out with succulents because they require little maintenance for a busy schedule and can be placed in geometric spaces such as in eclectic terrariums or pots.

The best advice when jumping into styling a new place is to not be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and portray what you want your space to embody. Treat your living space just as you would your wardrobe. Take risks, don’t compromise your style, and don’t be afraid to change up the look once in a while.

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  • Cameron Cashwell

    I am a Neuroscience student at Virginia Tech, but still have a love for fashion! Being a Virginia Beach native, I consider myself having a classic style with hints of girly details. Whether hiking in Blacksburg or having a lazy day on the beach, you can find me sporting my favorite looks. I cannot wait to share my favorite looks with you!