The Magical City You Need to Visit This Summer

July 12th, 2017 at 2:00am

It’s that time of the year again: I open Instagram and see everyone traveling and doing amazing things in amazing places. Every picture posted looks like it’s from a travel brochure and almost too good to be true. The water is almost as blue as the sky and the villas are vibrant and right on the water. But, where is this magical place?

All I had to do was travel eight hours across the pond to a small city in Italy called Positano. Positano is in the heart of the Amalfi Coast surrounded by gorgeous views of the sea and villas on the hills. Positano is a typical small Italian village where the roads are too small for any regular sized American car to fit, so the only appropriate way to travel through the Coast is by Vespa or an extremely small car.

Once I reached the heart of the village, I was greeted by a stone beach leading up to bright, blue water. This is a beach I’ve seen so many times on Instagram posted by style and lifestyle bloggers and even seen in a recent issue of Vogue Magazine. Smelling the fresh air and the sea, it was just as beautiful as I imagined!

As I walked up and down the narrow walkways, carrying the tail end of my maxi dress, I saw small pastry shops and cute boutiques. Walking past the restaurants, hearing everyone speaking different dialects, and smelling the delicious foods was a very calming feeling and I felt at home. Walking through the side streets, I was greeted with the sounds of live music and was able to watch local artists paint in front of my eyes. I eventually bought a watercolor painting to bring a piece of Positano home with me.

For my day in Positano, I decided to wear a maxi dress. I made sure it had an open back so I had maximum air and didn’t over heat on the Amalfi Coast. Knowing my dress was open back, I took advantage of this to wear a cute and fun bralette. When it came to shoes, I invested in sandals that were beyond comfortable, but also super cute. When it comes to traveling in Italy, comfortable shoes are essential, especially when it comes to walking on the cobblestones!

I was very jealous logging into my Instagram feed and seeing all of these other girls traveling to all of these exotic places. Visiting Positano and living like a local for a day exceeded my expectations. I can now see why Positano was the talk of the summer season!

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