Love Them or Hate Them—Overalls

March 24th, 2015 at 2:00am

Here’s a little anecdote for you all. Like every good story begins, I recently placed an order on Shopbop. The order contained two things. (I know what you are thinking—only two things? Yes, people, I have self-control…sometimes). So, back to the story. I ordered a new pair of all-black Birkenstocks and overalls. Super sexy, right?

I forwarded my order to a few of my friends, hoping they would reply with a high-five emoji and the like. However, their responses were rather polarizing. Some of my, dare I say, more “fashion-forward” friends appreciated the risk. Others were not as supportive. One of my friends best summed up her argument with a quote from Clueless: “You could be a farmer in those clothes.” Thanks for the vote of confidence and your knowledge of classic cinema, friend…

Sure, I may look like I should be shucking corn or crafting wind chimes in upstate New York, but I will simultaneously be taking on one of spring’s biggest trends: overalls. Even the most fashion-obsessed are wary of this trend. Is it trying too hard? Are there some childhood trends that should be left in the ’90s? Or is this just one more way that designers, celebrities and street style stalkers alike are pushing the envelope? Can you achieve being both a tomboy and Fashionista in a single denim garment?

Forget the naysayers—I am #teamoveralls. As an avid lover of layers, anything that allows me to wear pants and a bib while showing off a chic top and wearing a jacket on top of it is alright in my book. And I am certainly not alone. Check out these Fashionistas our Style Gurus captured who are clearly not over it (and by it, I mean overalls) either.

What’s your take—love them or hate them? Share your favorite photo and opinion on social media using the hashtag #collegefashionista to join the conversation.