Let's Make Lemonade!

July 31st, 2017 at 2:00am
Let's Make Lemonade!

Have you ever had a life plan set and it not go according to the plan? Well, I have. Over the past three years, I was a jewelry sales associate for Nordstrom. During the course of working for this company, I gradually began to gain interest in the company and everything about it.

This strive for more knowledge led me to interview for the Nordstrom Internship Program because it was in my plan to help me grow into the career I’ve always dreamed of. Unfortunately, I did not make the cut and was heartbroken. Little did I know, this rejection would lead to two internship programs that are more targeted to the career I want to pursue.

The two internships I now have an opportunity to participate and gain knowledge in are CollegeFashionista and a LikeToKnowIt Dallas blogger. In these two internships, I will gain knowledge about affiliate programs, communicating with other companies regarding collaborations, how to target an audience that best relates to me, how to brand myself in the way that is true to my beliefs, writing tips, and enhancing my photography skills

By the end of these two internships, my knowledge in the fashion society will be increased and lead me to fulfill my dream job. Through the entire interviewing and application process for internships, I thought there was only one internship that would get me to my goal. Being narrow-minded through that process was not ideal, but helped me understand a saying that I never understood, “When life gives you lemons you make lemonade.” Life gave me a rejection from my dream internship in order for me to have greater opportunities.

I was given two more lemons, CollegeFashionista and a Dallas blogger. I turned these lemons into lemonade, and am better off in the long run! Making lemonade has now provided opportunities that I never dreamed of achieving. Not only did I get to work a fashion market with a designer, but I will also be attending New York Fashion Week! Never give up your dreams. You might just find lemons where you least expect them.

What is your ultimate dream job? Make sure to comment down below!