Everything You Need To Know About The NYFW Debut Of Emerging Accessories Brand DEIJI

Apart from their household names, what do Lady Gaga, Jackie Kennedy, Oprah, Madonna, and J. Lo have in common? They’ve each worn the unique work of legendary designer, Mark Schwartz. Now, as Creative Director of luxury accessories brand, DEIJI, Schwartz continues to create collections worthy of esteem. This time, for NYFW.

In collaboration with fashion cooperative, Flying Solo, DEIJI made its New York Fashion Week debut on Saturday, September 10. The brand was showcased as part of Flying Solo’s seasonal, ‘Ones to Watch’ runway event — and DEIJI certainly proved itself as one to watch. 

The Elizabeth I bag and The Arrow sneakers by DEIJI. Original photo by Kyra Surgent.

Aligning with Flying Solo’s mission of collaboration over competition, DEIJI featured looks with swimwear by The De La Cruz Collection, and jewelry by Saulé Label. De La Cruz’s glittery swim statements and Saulé’s bold, layered designs made for the ideal companions to the original DEIJI collection. The unusual yet complementary coupling of elevated resort-wear and structured, leather accessories fostered a memorable runway experience. I’ve never considered pairing a belt with a bikini, but when DEIJI did it, it worked. 

The luxury Italian brand showcased original bag designs, the Elizabeth I, the Rosa, and the Cleopatra. Additionally, the Iris, and the Veronica belts, and the Nefertiti, Black Rose, Arrow, and Black Dahlia sneakers hit the runway among other pieces. Here are the major style takeaways from DEIJI’s NYFW runway show:

The Cleopatra bag and Black Rose sneakers by DEIJI. Original photo by Kyra Surgent.

Structured Silhouettes

The silhouettes of DEIJI’s signature leather totes evidence the timelessness of classic shape. Both the Cleopatra and the Elizabeth I hold simple yet striking structures. To elevate any look (even a swimsuit, as proved by the show), add a bag with a strong, timeless silhouette to your wardrobe.

The Cleopatra bag and Nefertiti sneakers. Original photo by Kyra Surgent.

Natural Tones

Creative Director, Mark Schwartz and DEIJI President and designer, Riva Wilkins both stress that the foundation of the brand is their love of natural beauty. Named after the Korean and Japanese word for daisy, DEIJI is intended to capture the essence of the natural world through its design. 

Natural tones are not always associated with major statements. This DEIJI collection however, truly popped on the runway thanks to its use of pumpkin, clay, and beige toned patterns. As fall swiftly approaches and you start grabbing for different pieces in your closet, bear in mind that simple, warm shades can definitely still be exciting.

The Black Dahlia sneakers, Veronica belt and Rosa backpack. Original photo by Kyra Surgent.

Playful Metallics

The DEIJI Rosa backpack speaks for itself. Metallics are and always will be the best way to make any look more interesting. Isn’t that what accessories are all about? Schwartz’s use of metallic elements in this runway collection channels the pieces’ royal namesakes. From subtle bag and shoe details to full blown silver patterned backpacks, the metallics in DEIJI’s NYFW collection exude a playful sense of luxury. 

Shop the unique DEIJI pieces, or incorporate these elevated style elements into your own wardrobe beyond the NYFW runway.

Featured image via Kyra Surgent. Design by Her Campus Media.