IT'S ALL IN THE DETAILS: Perfecting Prep

We are in the heart of winter. The days seem longer, the air is frigid, and the clothing choices seem impossible. Don’t worry, there are still plenty of options for that perfect winter look. I’ll tell you how to add some prep to that seemingly long and crisp Midwest.

For starters, you can never go wrong with a cable knit sweater. This green staple piece works well with jeans or khakis. Whether you dress it up or down, you have endless options to choose from. Try a solid color cable knit sweater and add a button-down shirt underneath it for an added punch of prep. Combining a solid color sweater and a striped shirt always looks good. This outfit, with the green sweater and striped blue and white shirt, can be dressy, classy, and preppy. Try mixing and matching different colors to fully show off your own style. Not only is this look aesthetically pleasing, but having two layers will keep you warmer on those chillier days. This simple top duo provides the perfect preppy style with a statement for any college student.

If you want to continue the preppy style, try adding in some gold accent pieces or pearl earrings. Just like Jackie Kennedy did in the ’60s, these little accessory pieces can make a big splash. This piece can add the perfect accent to any outfit and the versatility is amazing. Try pairing the gold bracelets or necklaces with pearl earrings, just like in the outfit. Or, pair the anchor bracelet with other gold bracelets and make them into a statement piece. Leaving the anchor bracelet on its own also works for achieving full preppy style.

Boots are very important in the winter, and these short duck booties are perfect for this season. Keep your toes warm and dry in these rubber soled shoes. The off-white color goes well with any color jeans and top. Plus, these booties are a staple at the Midwest college campus. Rain or shine, these boots work to provide you the comfort and fashion you need.

It’s your turn to beat the Midwest winter blues. You can dress warm and stylish at the same time using a few key pieces. Remember that layers are your friend! Use multiple layers to achieve that preppy and sophisticated look.