How To Recreate The Iconic Looks From Netflix's Do Revenge

New Netflix original movie, Do Revenge has a stellar cast, an exciting plot, and stunning fashion. If the costuming is any indication, we’ll be talking about this movie for years to come. In addition to larger designers, the film’s costume designer also featured smaller fashion companies, including Chungawawa, and The Mighty Company, both of which are included in the list below.

Here’s how to nail some of the trendy, fashion forward styles and aesthetics from the movie to look like you came straight out of Rosehill High School.

01. Pastels

The school uniforms of Rosehill High featured your standard checkered school girl skirts, polos, and khaki pants, but this time with a pastel twist. Pastel pink, green and purple accents made up these uniforms, approaching a classic style in a unique way. Pastel colors were not only featured in the school uniforms, however. The main characters Drea and Eleanor often styled pastels outside of class, too. Don’t limit yourself to spring — pastel colors can totally be a year-round thing! Style these shades this fall with the pieces below.

Photo courtesy: Princess Polly

No Boundaries Mini Skirt

Available in Blue. $18.

Photo courtesy: Alo

Alo Choice Polo

Available in Tile Blue and Pink Sugar. $68.

Photo courtesy: H&M

Rib-knit Crop Cardigan

Available in Light Purple. $18.

02. Feathers

Feather accents were everywhere in this film! Whether it was on the collar and cuffs of Drea’s long-sleeved yellow jacket or Meghan’s orange feather top, feather accents made multiple appearances in the movie. This trend has been popular for over a year now, but it continues to feel refreshing and elevated when styled. A feathered top provides a fun texture and makes any outfit more exciting, even if it is an otherwise simple cardigan or bandeau top.

The best part about feather tops is that they can be worn casually with a pair of jeans or dressed up with a skirt or formal pants. If you’re not sure you’re ready to commit to a full feather moment, there are feather snap cuffs that you can easily attach to any outfit and give your look an entirely new vibe!

Photo courtesy: Peppermayo

The Night is Ours Feather Crop Top

Available in Black and more. $68.

Photo courtesy: Nasty Gal

Feather Trim Ribbed Bandeau Top

Available in Violet and Red. $56.

Photo courtesy: Nasty Gal

Fluffy Faux Feather Cuff Cardigan

Available in White and Black. $56.

3. Statement Jewelry

Personally, I could not take my eyes off Drea’s earrings every time she was on screen. Each one of her carefully crafted outfits featured a pair of perfectly matching earrings. Finding funky jewelry can be a lot of fun. Who doesn’t want a unique piece to add to their collection? Thrift shops and local businesses are a great place for unique pieces, especially jewelry. Etsy is also a great platform where you can find hand-made jewelry and personalize it to your own style. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even make your own.

Photo courtesy: Chungawawa

YoYo Earrings


Photo courtesy: Zara

Jewel Earrings


Photo courtesy: DollsKill

Garden Party Drop Earrings


4. Metallics

Metallics are making a comeback! Numerous metallic pieces were shown throughout the movie and on the runways recently. A standout piece to me is the bright orange ensemble Eleanor wears to the Admissions party. In addition, Drea, Meghan and Tara can also be seen sporting metallic jackets over their school uniforms in several scenes. Eleanor even receives her own metallic bomber jacket at her surprise birthday party, an indication from her new friends that she is now officially a part of their group. Style these metallic pieces to fit right in!

Photo courtesy: Urban Outfitters

UO Taryn Metallic Cropped Puffer Jacket


Photo courtesy: Revolve

Superdown Nellie Strapless Dress

Available in Blue and Green. $78.

Photo courtesy: ASOS

ASOS Design 90s Straight Jeans With Split Hem

Available in Blue Metallic. $60.

5. Matching Sets

A matching set goes a long way. This can be a jacket with a matching top, a vest paired with matching pants, or a cardigan and skirt combo. All of these and more make an appearance in Do Revenge. Whether you spent ten minutes or two hours getting ready, there is something about a matching two piece set that just screams put together. The great part about investing in a two piece set is that you’ll never be out of style and you can wear the items together and separately!

Photo courtesy: Princess Polly

Eileen Set

Available in Black. $85.

Photo courtesy: Zara

Cropped Blazer and Split Skirt

Blazer – $70.

Skirt – $40.

do revenge
Photo courtesy: Princess Polly

Huxley Satin Set

Available in Champagne and more. $85.

Do Revenge nails Gen Z fashion in a way that most recent movies haven’t. Don’t be afraid to incorporate some of these ideas into your own wardrobe!

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