How To Decide Where and When to Wear Matte Versus Glossy Lips

Matte lipsticks took the beauty world by storm last year (thanks, Kylie!) and now they have become a staple in everyones’ beauty collection. This wave of flat finishes had us momentarily neglecting our tried and true favorite lip glosses. Finding balance in life can be difficult—and that includes figuring out the difficult decision of when to go matte versus glossy.

Sometime it can be tricky to decide which finish to go for every morning. Things that must be considered when making this decision are wind, weather, sunlight, the rest of the makeup look, and, of course, the outfit.

I have put together a small guide to help you in this decision making process. It might seem silly to put this much thought into choosing a lip shade, but I think that the complete beauty look can make or break an ensemble. Keep reading for some lip look inspiration, but be warned, this could cause the sudden urge to run to Sephora.

If you’re wearing an athleisure look…   (Photo via @riaxla)

Then you should try a dark matte lip color. The dark lip will balance the casual feel of the outfit. This contrast is just want you need to pull the athleisure look together.  (Photo via @mmoor)

If you’re wearing a silky fabric with a lot of shine… (Photo via @baileyttaylor)

Then you should try a light pink or nude gloss. This will complement the silky fabric and tie the entire look together. This Fashionista also added a major highlight. Personally, I love combining a bold highlighter with lip gloss. It makes your entire face glow!  (Photo via @samusibiya)

If you’re wearing a classic look like these boyfriend jeans and simple off the shoulder top…  (Photo via @fracturedaesthetic)

Then you should try a dark berry matte. You’ll be channeling some major Sandy Olsson vibes with this look. One of my favorite pairings is a dark lip with classic pieces, so for me this pairing is a no brainer.  (Photo via @im__os)

If you’re wearing an bold statement piece, like this fur jacket… (Photo via @sheblyshowell)

Then you should try a super shiny clear or nude gloss. Pairing a simple color with a bold piece is a go-to combo. A shiny lip won’t overwhelm the look and it will allow the sand out piece to shine as bright as the gloss! (Photo @viakendattfireeee)

Of course, there are no rules in makeup. Mix it up with matte and glossy finishes. Maybe even try combining them to create a unique color. Make sure to post your photos on Instagram and tag @cfashionista so we can see what RAD looks you create!