Halloween Costumes College Students Are Wearing Right Now

With Halloween night looming around the corner, millions of fashionistas are prepping their high-impact costumes and makeup kits to transform themselves into new characters. Whether you’re dressing as a pop culture princess or a spooky cinematic villain, there is no shortage of creativity when it comes to spooky season commitment. Getting into spirit, College Fashionista spoke with nine students about their Insta-worthy Halloween looks. Be prepared to receive some major last minute Halloweekend inspiration.

Image Via @rose_greco

Rose's Halloween Look

School: Pratt Institute

Major: Photography

Capturing the aura of Audrey Hepburn last October, Rose plans to continue the tradition of character elegance this year! For Rose’s Halloween wardrobe, utilizing a blonde bob wig, white & blue dress, black leather boots and a red blazer will be the main attraction to suit up as Vivian from Pretty Woman. To push the costume’s liveliness, Rose plans to use accessories to elevate and add more complexity to this characters attire.

This season, Rose’s thoughts on Halloween costume trends include, Victorian-esque costumes and fictional characters.

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Image Via Windsor

Pretty Lady Tie-Dye Cutout Dress


Red Basic Pocket Detail Curved Hem Faux Leather Blazer


Image Via @lovely.trance

Caitlin's Halloween Wardrobe

School: James Madison University

Major: Art Studio Design

Channeling supreme vampire last October, Caitlin will be generating a whole new theme this year! Appearing as three characters, headlining in Caitlin’s Halloween wardrobe will be the cult classic character, Jennifer Check from Jennifer’s Body, Cassie from Euphoria and a festive bunny. When designing these costumes, Caitlin swears by an origination code to style and replicate the character authentically.

This season, Caitlin’s thoughts on Halloween costume trends include, replicating the looks from T.V. shows and films that are popular during the year–Euphoria or Outer Banks Characters.

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Bite The Boyfriend Costume


Image Via Windsor

Iconic Bunny Babe Corset Bodysuit


Image Via @sharchii

Sharchii's Halloween Wardrobe

School: University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Major: International Studies

Showcasing the ’90s classic attire of Clueless last October, Sharchii continues to mix style and aesthetic this year! Although, styling the plaid ensemble with a mini white handbag was a personal favorite in the costume department, Sharchii’s next Halloween wardrobe will be transforming into childhood favorite it-girl villain–Shego from Kim Possible.

This season, Sharchii’s thoughts on Halloween costume trends include, dressing up as a celebrity!

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Cher Clueless Costume


Image Via Amazon

KP Costume Shego Cosplay Bodysuit Halloween Outfit Jumpsuit


Image Via @breena_vb

Sabreena's Halloween Wardrobe

School: California State University, Fresno

Major: Film & Media Arts

Who doesn’t love a nod to an iconic cinematic villain? This year, for Sabreena’s Halloween wardrobe, disguising as Patrick Bateman from Cult Classic, American Physco, was anything short of terrifyingly good! Prioritizing accuracy and style, Sabreena wore Bateman’s legendary blood spattered raincoat (acrylic paint) and replicated his business attire by pairing a black top with a white collar and a patterned tie to match. For accessories, Sabreena added a pair of leather boots to elevate the look, along with a replica of Bateman’s axe companion.

This season, Sabreena’s thoughts on Halloween costume trends include, dressing up as Pearl (Mia Goth’s character from the film Pearl) to make an homage to the films X trilogy.

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Women's Raincoat


Image Via Lulus

Reelee Black Square Toe Knee-High Boots


Image via @missnaominicole

Naomi's Halloween Wardrobe

School: Penn State University

Major: Architectural Engineering

Suiting up as an alluring dark pixie last October, Naomi plans on appearing as three different characters this year! For Naomi’s Halloween wardrobe, each costume will serve as an addition to well-admired girl groups–Three Blind Mice, Cheetah Girls and the Bratz Dolls. With style and execution in mind, each look will hold it’s own persona in order to capture the essence of each character.

This season, Naomi’s thoughts on Halloween costume trends include, Y2K themed-costumes. Think pop queens like Brittany Spears and Christina Aguilera!

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Image Via Dolls Kill

 Lifelong Diva Glitter Tee


Image Via Amazon

Cheetah Girls 2 Piece Velour Jogger Set


Image Via @kayforkenz

Kenzie's Halloween Wardrobe

School: Kent State University

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Showcasing style and comfort, for Kenzie’s Halloween wardrobe, cosplaying as Sailor Mars (from the Sailor Moon Saga) made for a head-turning costume! Kenzie Garnered this look by styling Sailor Mar’s classic sparkly red costume with white garter lace trim stockings. Boosting the look, Kenzie adds on red & purple eyeliner to transform into this mega star.

This season, Kenzie’s thoughts on Halloween costume trends include, cosplaying as Sailor Scouts.

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Moon Cosplay Costume For Women


Image Via Amazon

Neon Liquid Eyeliner Set–8 Colors Matte 


Image Via @enjanae_t

EnJanae's Halloween Wardrobe

School: LSU

Major: Fashion Merchandising and Journalism

If you have any type of social media platform then I’m sure you have seen or heard about the Don’t Worry Darling phenomenon. This season EnJanae dressed as Alice Chambers (played by Florence Pugh in this 2022 thriller) a major character in this season’s polarizing costume trend. The costume came into play when EnJanae accidentally broke a glass cup and decided to use it as a prop. EnJanae decided to pair the accessory with an all white ruffled gown, black heels and the signature black bow in the hair to authentic Alice’s wardrobe.

This season, EnJanae’s thoughts on Halloween costume trends include, anything that encompasses a couple or duo costume–Don’t Worry Darling (Jack and Alice), Barbie and Ken, Batman and Cat woman, etc.

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Image Via Forever 21

Tie-Strap Sweetheart Dress


Image Via Amazon

Black Velvet Hair Bows


Image Via @dani.marielouise

Dani's Halloween Wardrobe

School: University of Rhode Island

Major: Film and Media

Debuting as a spooky skeleton last October, Dani is taking celebrity status to a new level this year! For Dani’s Halloween wardrobe, the inspiration speaks from the iconic 2019 Met Gala. Dani will be emulating Kylie Jenner’s purple attire–wearing a thrifted nude embellished gown and DIYing the accessories with feathers, sparkly heels and a purple wig. While, Dani’s friend will be appearing as Kendall Jenner, dressing in all orange attire to recreate the sister duo. To emphasize on the details, Dani will make a nod to Kylie’s neutral makeup look that put beauty enthusiast into a frenzy.

This season, Dani’s thoughts on Halloween costume trends include, dressing up as starlets like Bella Hadid and Megan Fox from Jennifer’s Body.

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EraSpooky Women's Skeleton Costume


Image Via Amazon

Skeleton Face Gems Jewels, Halloween Temporary Face Tattoos


Image Via @morganmaleonskie

Morgan's Halloween Wardrobe

School: University Of Rhode Island

Major: Journalism and Communications

Speaking of pop queens, for Morgan’s halloween wardrobe, dressing as Xtina from her hit music video, “Dirty”, was the star of the season this October! Staying in tune with originality, Morgan love’s to create unique costumes that will stand out against a crowd of characters.

This season, Morgan’s thoughts on Halloween costume trends include, celebrity and film character recreations! Appearing as scare queens like Carrie White from Carrie and Katherine Pierce from The Vampire Diaries.

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Dirty Xtina Costume


Image Via Amazon

Straight Blonde Ombre Wigs for Women


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