Five Tips To Take Your Beauty Routine To-Go

The life of a college student is time-consuming. With classes, clubs, work, Greek life and those all important naps, it’s hard to find time for your beauty regime. While going make-up free is an easy option, it’s not always the most practical/presentable option. (But then again, neither are the bags under your eyes from waking up two hours early to get glam.)

With my busy schedule, I’ve learned tips and tricks on how to get ready quick. Just because I’m on-the-go. doesn’t mean my beauty routine needs to disappear.

1. Five-minute makeup. Yes, this means just the essentials. Concealer, mascara and a little bit of highlight. Highlighter is my go-to, especially during the holiday season. Feel like your face is looking “blah” from lack of sleep and all that library A/C? Try some highlighter. (Photo by @n_agem)


2. Glasses are cool. Although I love my contacts, sometimes I just don’t want to poke myself in the eye. Why does it seem so hard to get those little buggers to stick? Although I wish I had all the time in the world to put my contacts in every morning, I don’t. So when in a rush, glasses it is. (Plus they look chic and professional.) (Photo by @alessagabrielle)


3. Dirty hair, dry shampoo. I know most of you already worship the gods who created dry shampoo, but I still wanted to put this on my list. Sometimes you can’t wash your hair every day (or even every three days). Luckily, dry shampoo can fix it. I carry a travel size bottle with me where ever I go. A few spritzes and suddenly I find myself saying, “what shower?” (Photo by @alexadmendoza)


4. Plan ahead the night before. This makes the morning easier. If you know what you’re wearing and how you’re doing your hair and make-up, this makes for a quick(er) morning. Now you won’t be staring at your closet for 20 minutes or searching Pinterest for last-minute inspiration. (Photo by @hhaleybbrandt)


5. When in doubt. Lastly, my absolute go-to on-the-go: the ponytail. When I don’t have time to style my hair, I slick it back into a low pony or bun. Not only does this draw attention to your outfit but it is a practical hairstyle for a nonstop day.

Photo by @crayonstocouture