Five Affordable Things To Do in Seattle

Traveling as a college student can be hard. Between paying for tuition, books, rent, and going out on the weekends, we’re often tight on cash, but this shouldn’t stop us from seeing the world. On a recent trip to Washington’s “Emerald City,” I managed to compile a list of five affordable destinations in Seattle.

1. Take a tour of Seattle's Underground

Pioneer Square

Seattle was originally built underground. I had no idea until I went on “Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour.” You can take the tour in Pioneer Square, which is Seattle’s original neighborhood. With a valid student ID, you can purchase tickets at a discounted rate for $20! Now, you may be thinking that you can easily spend $20 elsewhere, but I assure you that this tour is worth every penny. The tour guides are comedic, informative, and can easily make the best puns you’ve ever heard. This is one of the things you must do if you’re ever in the Seattle area.

2. Post an Instagram photo at “The Great Gum Wall of Seattle”

Great Gum Wall of Seattle

The “Great Gum Wall of Seattle” has gone through quite an evolution over the years. In 1993, people began to stick their used gum on the walls of an alley located underneath Pike Place Market. In November of 2015, the gum wall was scraped completely in order to prevent further erosion of the brick walls. After the city had scraped away over 2,000 pounds of chewed gum, tourists began to stick gum on the brick walls again. An alley covered in sticky, used chewing gum may not sound appealing, but it makes for a great Instagram post. Make sure to bring your selfie sticks or instant cameras!

3. Seek Seattle's skyline

Kerry Park

You can see the entirety of Seattle’s breathtaking skyline from two places, Kerry Park and Lake Union. The more affordable of the two options is Kerry Park. This park is located on a giant hill which overlooks the skyline. But if you have some cash to spare, I recommend going to Lake Union and renting a kayak. My friend and I were able to rent a two-person kayak for $16 each. But don’t forget to bring a swimsuit in case you get wet!

4. Grab brunch at Oddfellows Café

Oddfellows Cafe

Seattle is the hot spot for coffee lovers and brunch enthusiasts, and Oddfellows Café combines both coffee and brunch just perfectly. Located on Capitol Hill, Oddfellows is a very affordable café full of aesthetics that is popular with both tourists and natives. If you ever get the chance to eat here, make sure you try their “Oddfellows Cookie!”

5. Visit Seattle's Chihuly Garden and Glass Art Museum

Chihuly Glass Museum

The Chihuly Garden and Glass Art Museum first opened on May 21, 2012. The exhibit showcases the amazing studio glass work of Dale Chihuly. You can buy tickets for $25, since there’s no student discount. Though Chihuly is one of the pricier things to do in Seattle, it’s definitely worth forking out the cash.

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