FASHION INSIDER: David Shapiro, Trunk Club

Not to single anyone out, but as a general statement, guys tend to have a harder time shopping than girls. Between knowing what is “stylish” to not wanting to spend an afternoon fighting crowds, most guys I know have a “no thanks” attitude when it comes to the shopping.

Thank goodness for Trunk Club. Trunk Club helps guys cut through the process of shopping by assigning you a stylist to curate a trunk based on your personal style. David Shapiro, a former University of Arizona Style Guru, is currently making sure NYC’s guys are stepping up their fashion game with his current role as a Stylist at Trunk Club. As someone who gets a thrill from shopping, David hand selects pieces for his clients in hopes of making them more stylish, confident fellas.

Read on to hear more from David about what it takes to be a Stylist, his favorite part of the job and what makes him truly different than most NYC Fashionistos.

CollegeFashionista: Where did you go to school and what did you study?

David Shapiro: I attended The University of Arizona for an undergraduate degree in Retailing and Consumer Sciences. I then took continuing education classes at FIT while working full-time at macys.com for a History of Men’s Fashion, men’s styling and men’s image consulting.

CF: What inspired you to become a stylist and work with men’s fashion?

DS: It was really a natural progression of a series of events for me. It wasn’t like one day, I declared I wanted to become a stylist. I think it encompasses a lot of my strengths, which definitely played a role in me choosing to go that route. It really came down to the fact that I love being able to make a guy stand taller when he looks at himself in the mirror. Bill Cunningham has a great quote that I often think about: “Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of every day life.” I love being able to make guys’ lives easier and help them feel better about themselves as they take on the day.

CF: What is the biggest challenge of being a stylist?

DS: There are so many different types of stylists, and I can only speak to being a stylist as a part of Trunk Club. That being said, building a book of consistent business is definitely a challenge. This requires you always be on and grinding because your next great client could be on the subway or when you’re at a friend’s apartment. There are very long hours, and you have to love it to embrace it. But, it’s a fantastic challenge and the harder you work, the better your business becomes, which is super exciting.

CF: Since you’ve started working at Trunk Club, what are you most proud of?

DS: The thing I’m most proud of since working at Trunk Club (which also happens to be my favorite part) is the way we’re shaking up the retail and fashion industry. No where else can a guy get such an amazing experience and such quality products. We offer this amazing service to any guy across the continental US. Shopping for the most part is a hassle, and I’m one that loves to shop and check out different stores. But, so many stores are disorganized, with little to no help from the store associates. It takes a lot of time to go from store to store so instead, you come into Trunk Club, have a cocktail, hang out or have a trunk sent to you and have an expert do the work for you. 

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

DS: I was actually thinking about this the other day. I’m not sure; I’m a pretty classic guy but know where I can take my chances and risks based on my body. I wear everything from joggers with a scoop neck T-shirt to a tailored suit. I love mixing it up and having fun with my style. I get inspired from everything and everyone. One thing I know is different about my style versus most New Yorkers is that I only have one black item in my closet. 

CF: What advice would you give to someone thinking about joining Trunk Club?

DS: I’d say for those interested, be ready to work harder than you ever have and to be pushed but with the most support possible. While my title is a Stylist, it really comes down to being a great sales person. You’re given monthly sales goal and you’re held to hit it. We’re still young as a company with high expectations for everyone involved so, everyone needs to pull their weight. The job is not easy, by any means, but is a lot of fun. We work in a 100 year old mansion with a 25 foot bar, I mean….