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London is everything you wish it could be, but Big Ben isn’t the only thing that’s big in this city. Fashion is making a bold statement among the Londoners. The style you may find here is transforming from less extravagant to more classic and simpler looks. On the streets is where I found my inspiration for this week’s FASHION FROM ABROAD.

This Fashionisto is a prime example of what’s known as the “London Look.” He uses monochromatic colors by focusing on wearing navy blues, whites and blacks. This look represents a majority of how London men dress on an everyday basis. Classic blazers and slim-fit pants are a casual way of dressing here in the city.

When you’re on the go like a lot of the people here in London are, you want to be wearing something comfortable and easy to carry. Purses have often been described as a double standard between men and women in the fashion industry. But wearing a messenger bag is a great way for men to accessorize. This Fashionisto’s messenger bag can fit everything he needs without weighing him down.

If you’d like to have a Londoner’s perspective on fashion and his or her focus on the simpler items, my advice is to have three classic pieces in your outfit. A white button-down shirt is a classic menswear piece and can easily dress up an outfit. Since London is such a big city, it’s essential to have a pair of comfortable yet stylish sneakers for walking the streets. Since the weather is always changing, having a lightweight jacket with you will not be a mistake.

Captured: I captured this Fashionisto walking along River Thames in the streets of London, England.