FASHION FROM ABROAD: Spring Breakin' Stripes

As the middle of the semester hits us and the exhaustion from midterms sets in, spring break arrives and saves us from our misery. When I picture Spring Break in America, I envision the enviable Instagram posts of fraternity guys in Florida wearing fluorescent swim trunks and bro tank tops with the caption basically screaming, “SPRANG BREAK 2015!” While Americans think they know how to vacation, they must reconsider their competition. Our program here in London knows how to plan a trip—they took us to Jordan! Not only did they let us ride camels and float in the Dead Sea, but they took us on a yacht and gave us an opportunity to snorkel in the Red Sea.

The 80-degree weather was the perfect chance to shake up our wardrobe and shed some sunshine on our pale skin. This guy took full advantage of the tropical location and rocked a summer look on our trip, bringing some UK-inspired clothing with him. He wore a striped T-shirt (a staple in any dude’s wardrobe) that was perfect for our nautical adventure. Stripes are essential for a complete immersion into British culture. They are available in a variety of colors, styles and pieces and compatible with pretty much any outfit. This lad’s navy and white T-shirt was an excellent way to travel on a yacht and find the balance between between nautical and European.

He complemented his shirt with a pair of navy blue swim trunks. The shorts were versatile and classic. He completed the look with a pair of sunglasses and a captain’s hat.

Europeans are very into basic clothing that can transition through any season or location. If you want to look like the British on a warm holiday, be sure to pack a few striped items.

Captured: This stylish lad was relaxing on a yacht on the Red Sea.