FASHION FROM ABROAD: Monotones in Madrid

March 2nd, 2017 at 2:00am
FASHION FROM ABROAD: Monotones in Madrid

I have been in Madrid, Spain for about a month now and I have learned a lot about Madrileño fashion. You walk onto the Metro and are surrounded by amazing jackets, scarves, bags, and boots galore! Not to mention, you sit there and drool over the Zara coats and the Mango totes that every girl seems to be wearing.

One of the things I have noticed is that everyone struts around in Madrid in earth tones. It is very rare to catch someone wearing something other than black, gray, and the occasional pop of maroon or army green. I have found that my wardrobe has fit in perfectly here, but that doesn’t stop me from constantly window shopping. Being a student in Madrid has made me more accustomed to what students are wearing over here in central Spain. Most college-aged girls are walking around with totes instead of backpacks and the chilly morning commute always calls for a blanket scarf to be wrapped around your neck or thrown over your shoulders. A super cute jacket almost always accompanies these items.

This Fashionista embodies typical Madrileño fashion! All black everything with pops of color is exactly what you should wear if you want to fit in with the locals. I love the sophisticated grunge look she has going on. The leather sleeves of the jacket really vibe with the leather booties and then the ripped black jeans really top off the look. The pop of pinstripes underneath her layers gives her a studious feel without looking too preppy. Finally, she has the black scarf to make sure she looks like a true Madrid native!