FASHION FROM ABROAD: Louvre at First Sight

FASHION FROM ABROAD: Louvre at First Sight

With spring break happening this past month, I had the amazing opportunity to go to Paris with my best friends for the week. With two full suitcases and my passport, I took an eight hour flight to Paris from Atlanta and anticipated the week full of food, fashion, and amazing experiences I was about to embark on. 

In a city full of many cultures and styles, the street style through out the streets ranged from romantic dresses and sandals, to black jeans and leather jackets. The weather was relatively cool but that didn’t stop people from wearing what they want. All around I saw trendsetters sporting their style of choice and living their daily parisian lifestyle.  

While exploring the Louvre, I immediately fell in love with this Fashionista’s outfit. Sleek, sophisticated, and modern, her look presents just one of the myriad of styles that surrounded me through out my trip. In her look, this Fashionista is wearing ripped black jeans with flat black booties which are perfect for a long day of walking and exploring museums. On top, she is wearing a sleek white button down and a polished black double flap jacket, easy to take on and off when warm. To accessorize, she adds a beautiful gold statement belt and reflective sunglasses that tie the entire look together. 

I absolutely love this look because it is simple yet extremely cosmopolitan and on trend. Her use of accent accessories give the entire look a high end ambiance without overdoing it and becoming gaudy. The rip in her jeans dress the look down and make it suitable for an every day look while also keeping the elegance of the style.