FASHION FROM ABROAD: Culottes and Stripes

April 18th, 2017 at 2:00am

Fashion is a global industry that allows us to connect with other people. We have fashion capitals in different countries, each one with their own unique style. VCU’s study abroad program allows other students from different countries to come to our university and add some diversity to our city by showing us their culture and customs through their unique street style.

Although the street style in New York, Milan, and Paris is always seen around Fashion Week and always exciting to look forward to see, Korean street style is definitely something to keep up with. Their style and ability to create such new trendy looks makes stand out from other fashion capitals. Like many fashion lovers they are risk takers and not afraid to play with bold patterns, bright colors, and detailed embroidery. Another style that is commonly seen around, and a definite contrast to the bold looks, is the minimalist style.

This fashionista’s outfit perfectly embodied the minimalist chic look. She put together simple pieces with unique qualities that came to form a effortlessly cool and put together look.

She kept the color scheme pretty neutral by sticking with the classical black and white outfit with a subtle pop of color in the accessories. Culottes have been seen all over Korean and have become a staple in most peoples closet. They can make your entire look effortlessly chic compared to wearing the everyday skinny jean. This fashionista contrasted these culottes with a black and white striped sweater. The fit of this  sweater was a little more boxy than others and made it look more structured. That different structure of the  sweater, is part of what makes this look so unique and stand out in the streets of Richmond. It is an example of Korean minimal looks, how one small detail can pull the look together. She also paired it with some all black sneakers. These are for sure the best and most comfortable shoes to walk around the city in. Too add a little edge to the plain sneakers she opted for some ankle cream socks.

Accessories for this look were minimal but gave the outfit the right pop of color. The gold watch was another one of the small details that made the outfit look put together yet casual. The layered bracelets were a fun way of showing her personality. Each had a fun memory and story of her adventures back at home that she shared with us. Lastly her fun orange hat gave some brightness to her mostly neutral outfit.

After being able to write about this fashionista I was able to learn more about a whole new side of fashion. It definitely encouraged me too look more into Korean fashion and make me look forward to keep up with the next Seoul Fashion Week. By being able to relate to people from completely different countries through our style and taste is a prime example of the many ways fashion is able to bring people together. We can share our ideas which allows us to expand the fashion industry and keep it constantly changing.