As if going to a different country wasn’t enough of an adventure, when you travel to the Southern Hemisphere you can appreciate trends and fashion from a completely different perspective since the seasons are 100 percent opposite to the ones up here!  Right now, as we approach spring, they are about to enter fall so all outfits are totally different.

This Fashionista is doing a great job at keeping herself warm with some burgundy tights and a gorgeous black leather jacket that really showcases her style and personality. But the one thing that definitely caught my attention were her black chunky platforms! A trend that has yet to grow in the States. Granted, right now is not the season for these shoes, but you can start preparing for it with a pair like this. This trend is also huge in other main cities like Paris!

We were both going to a rock concert so they’ll also help her be taller, which honestly is a big plus in the life of people my size. Another very special thing about this outfit are her necklaces! I love how she decided to go with three of them instead of just the choker! I love myself some thicker chokers like this velvet one or ones with a special something to them like this stone choker or the fashionista’s lace one. Adding the matching stone necklaces just makes the whole look even better!