Fashion or Comfort? Choose Both

June 9th, 2017 at 2:00am
Fashion or Comfort? Choose Both

The biggest thing for me with fashion is comfort. I refuse to wear something if I’m going to spend the entire time thinking about it. Do I look my best? Is it physically comfortable on me? Handfuls of people struggle with body image and I’m in no way ashamed to admit I am one of those people. Those of you who know me won’t be surprised reading the previous statement. Therefore, I make it my mission to mix fashion and comfort whenever I can.

The key to comfort and fashion is knowing what works best for you and that might not be the same as what the experts are saying. Sure, it’s always helpful to follow the experts, but you also have to be able to follow your own instinct. For me, the lower half of my body is what I want to show off as opposed to my upper half. I love my legs so I opted for a high-rise skinny jean in a lighter wash. It’s sort of a two-for-one deal because the jeans show off my legs and the high rise quality camouflages the upper half that I’m trying to hide.

I know what the rules say, black is a slimming color and white is not. Well as much as I love a classic black shirt, it’s not always compatible with the heat. Therefore, I have to find other pieces. Sure, the button-down is white, but I like how relaxed I feel when I wear it. Plus, with its V-neck button shape, it also acts as a slimming feature to the chest area.

Once again, in the early days of summer the heat can be unpredictable so for the shoes I just decided on some slides. Plus, I don’t hate my feet so I don’t mind showing them off. I’m going for simplicity here so there’s nothing too fancy about my footwear today.

I can’t possibly end this without talking accessories. I bought this bag when I was in Florida for the semester. Since then, it has been a vital piece to my wardrobe. I went out looking for something black or white. After some time, I thought about it and decided that I needed to step away from my comfort zone of monochromatic themes. The shoe department wasn’t impressing me, and I stumbled upon the mustard-colored drawstring and fell in love. Mustard was never my go-to color and drawstring was never my go-to closure, but I was drawn to it and I bought it impulsively.

In a nutshell, comfortable fashion is all about preference. Everything I talked about above is all my preference and maybe you felt inspired. If you did, I’m glad.

Feel free to comment your favorite thing about yourself below and how you use fashion to show it off.