7 Fall Skincare Tips to Save Your Complexion This Season

7 Fall Skincare Tips to Save Your Complexion This Season

Are midterms coming up and you’re limited on time? As a college senior, I completely understand. Let me tell you something that I wish I realized years ago: getting good grades doesn’t mean you have to put your skin on the back burner. During one of my most stressful study periods, I turned my skin from a F to an A+. By the time you’re finished with midterms, you’ll look like a glowing god(dess). Don’t know where to start? No worries; I’ve got you covered. I’m here to give you fall skincare tips that will keep your complexion clear all throughout autumn without breaking the bank or sacrificing your grades. Are you ready?

Drink Enough Water

We’ve all heard this before but seriously, nothing is more imperative to your skin than water. I know we all want pumpkin lattes, caramel mochas, or coffee drinks in general, but just remember to get some water in too. Stay hydrated.

Try out Micellar Water

Micellar water ($9) cleanses and tones skin. While it may not be a complete replacement for washing your face, it gets the job done. Use it before you wash your face with an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup and impurities. This is one of a few fall skincare tips that will actually translate into any season.

Fruits Are Your Best Friends

If you’re going to snack during your study session or need to keep yourself up for an all-nighter, why not snack on fruit to get you through? Have them become your new comfort food. Pro tip: Bananas with honey have great antibacterial properties that can help clear acne. Try chopping up some bananas with a drizzle of honey. It tastes just like a dessert!

Give 2-In-1 Products a Go

 There are a lot of face washes out there that double as a mask, giving you the option of either or both. Garnier Pore Purifying 2-in-1 Cleanser ($9) has saved my skin on more than one occasion. It’s relatively cheap and you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Let Your Skin Breathe

If you wear makeup, remember to have “no makeup” days too. Since your body is already under a lot of stress, don’t layer up your makeup and risk clogging your pores. The days you do wear a full face of cosmetics, get into the habit of double cleansing. Doing so unblocks pores, melts away makeup, prevents acne, and refreshes tired skin.

Wash Your Face In the Shower

Steaming your face sounds like an expensive treatment that definitely doesn’t fit into a college budget. But if you do it in the shower, it’s affordable, fast, and works wonders. Softening up the pores with the steam will allow products to penetrate deeper into your skin. Close the door of your bathroom, crank the water up as hot as it can go, and give it a minute or two to steam up, your complexion will thank you.

Always, Always Moisturize

With the dropping of temperatures, don’t let your skin turn into a dried up leaf or become a ball of butter. No matter your skin type, everyone needs to moisturize their face. For my oily skin, I swear by witch hazel ($9). On the rare occasion when my skin get dry, I switch my products out for more butter-based lotions ($8).


Opening image by Reina Inoguchi

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