Embrace Your Inner Boho Hobo in 3 Easy Steps

Embrace Your Inner Boho Hobo in 3 Easy Steps

I am going talk about a super simple look that I’ve been loving lately because who wants to look all cute in the Florida heat if you know you’re going to sweat right through everything as soon as you step outside anyway? Am I right or am I right?

The look that this Fashionista is rocking is something extremely simple but still comfortable and cute. This Fashionista is always looking super boho-chic while channeling her inner “hobo” as well. We’re all college students and sometimes want to be hobos—but always stylish hobos. We wanted to keep this look simple because the main focus is how effortless and minimalist it is while still being cute.

To achieve this look, just follow these three steps:

Keep your makeup to a minimum. Prepare your face for the sun and heat with some primer that has SPF in it so you can kill two birds with one stone. Keep your foundation light, or even wear some BB cream, tinted moisturizer, or powder foundation. For the eyes, use a neutral eye shadow with some waterproof mascara, and don’t forget to highlight so you can even blind God with the glow.

Embrace your natural hair. This is a step that has been a little hard for me to deal with because my hair doesn’t really do anything naturally. If I don’t want to heat style it, I’ll just put it into a French braid when I get out of the shower, let it dry, and bam! You magically have mermaid hair. Even though this Fashionista’s hair is natural and I’m totally jealous, we can try to achieve her mermaid hair too.

Wear your favorite comfy clothes. You can wear ripped jeans, a comfy, loose T-shirt, and your favorite sandals. This Fashionista loves her Birkenstocks and definitely knows how to rock them, so these are a staple item in her closet (and in mine too!)

Are you ready to become a boho hobo now? I think so! If you decide to recreate this look, make sure to show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista.