Eat Beautifully—What I Eat in a Day as a Vegan

Popping up more and more are exclusively vegan cafes and vegan options on your favorite restaurant’s menu. I’m sure you’ve all seen aesthetically-pleasing acai bowls with coconut flakes, chia seeds, and more all over your Instagram story. Eating plant-based is catching a trend, but it is also becoming a lifestyle. Once you get educated and start eliminating all the junk, there’s going to be no going back. Want to try veganism but don’t know where to start? Try this easy, inexpensive, meal plan, and transform your health.


My absolute favorite breakfast recipe that takes less than two minutes to make is overnight oats. Overnight oats are easy to make, nutritious, and aesthetically-pleasing. Because did you even eat something if you didn’t take a Snapchat of it? You can totally let your taste buds take over on this one, and make it however you’d like. There are hundreds of recipes online to give you some guidance. My favorite way of personalizing my oats is with cinnamon, chia seeds, flax seeds, a dash of agave, and fresh cut strawberries for color and sweetness. Throw it all together in a mason jar with some almond milk, and you have the perfect, vegan, on-the-go breakfast waiting for you in the morning. This easy, go-to breakfast will keep you going through your morning, whether it’s full of business meetings or yoga class.


You can’t go wrong with throwing all of your favorite veggies together in a pan, as it’s quick, easy, nutritious, and filling. If you’re thinking, “how are vegetables going to give me the protein?” Don’t reach for that chicken breast; you don’t need to. One can of black beans has over 20 grams of protein! Add that to your stir fry, and you’ve got everything you need to get through the second half of your day. My favorite way to do my stir fry is nothing other than “zoodles”… or zucchini noodles. Super filling, low calorie, full of fiber, and perfect for that Instagram picture. The more color, the better on this dish so add whatever you’d like.


A little twist on the typical Western burger and fries combo is a veggie burger and sweet potato fries. There are hundreds of different recipes for veggie burgers online. Black beans, mushrooms, and even sweet potatoes can be made into a burger! Who would’ve thought? For a gluten-free, low-carb option, go with no bun. Add your favorite burger toppings and who would even know this “burger and fries” is cruelty-free and full of nutrients.

Realize that it’s not “too expensive,” “too hard,” or anything but “too healthy” to eat plant-based. Eating vegan is eating beautifully, not only for your body but for the world around you. Do your research, open your mind, and change the world.

Are you vegan, or do you want to be? What changes have you made or will make? Let me know in the comments!