DIY Tailgate Tops to Try

Growing up down the street from the largest football stadium in the country, my fellow Fashionistas and I love a good tailgate. Over the years, we have seen many tailgate outfits so we thought we should share two of our favorite DIY styles that anyone at any college can try.

All you need for each style is a T-shirt, a pair of scissors, a marker, fabric glue, and any extras you may want to personalize your T-shirt. I’m going to use a pair of shoelaces, lace, and bleach to spice up my shirts.

Stay tuned below to find out ways to turn a basic college T-shirt from drab to fab!

Each of these shirts can be paired with your favorite jeans and sneakers.

1—Lace-Up Sides. This shirt is a classic cutie. You will need a pair of scissors and shoelaces. First I trimmed the hem of my shirt to turn the T-shirt into a crop style shirt. Next, I cut the sides of the shirt to my desired length for the lace up sides. After you have cut the sides you will make holes along the length that you will lace the shoelaces up in. For my style, five sets of holes worked perfectly. Lastly, you will lace up the shoelaces in the holes and tie them at the bottom.

2—Lace Trim. This style turned out to be one of my ultimate favorites. Start by taking a marker to indicate a horizontal line where you would like to place the lace. Once you mark the spot, measure out enough lace for the length of the shirt, front and back. Using fabric glue, apply it along half the length of the lace. Once the glue is applied gently place it on the front half of the shirt. Let it dry for 15 minutes. Once the front has dried, repeat gluing and applying the lace onto the back of the shirt. After the back has dried you are left with a super rad top!

I would love to see what kind of tailgate tops you and your friends come up with. Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista in all your posts!