ALL IN THE DETAILS: Totally Vintage

May 12th, 2017 at 2:00am


Spring has officially sprung, and it has been a gorgeous spring here at Kent State so far! All over campus I have seen some totally cute outfits inspired by the amazing weather we’ve been having.

This specific Fashionista caught my eye, and I just can’t stop thinking about her adorable ‘50s-inspired look. It’s perfect for the sunny spring weather, and the pastel colors are one of this springs top trends. It’s such an easy look, too; the basis of the whole outfit is a short sleeve top and a circle skirt. I’ve seen a lot of people attempt outfits based like hers, but never has one stood out to me as much as this!

Her top is totally incredible. The pink and white checkered pattern makes a subtle statement without being too overpowering, and the pearl detail at the top is killer. It adds such a nice feminine touch that gives the look something soft and classy. The sleeves remind me of something that a Disney princess might wear, and that sweetheart neckline completes the top and really shows off the ’50s inspiration. Pair it with a bold patterned skirt, and the outfit gives off an edgier vibe that shows off this Fashionista’s personality. The simple cut of the circle skirt keeps the pattern from becoming too complicated and helps tie together the easy and breezy look that the ‘50s usually has.

Her shoes, while simple, are so stylish. The sleek color and shine of the gray shoe is extremely fun and the strap gives it a kind of Mary Jane look. Her hair is super adorable and super simple to do, and the loose curls make the outfit look mature and collected, am I right? I am forever taking style inspiration from the ’50s, and I know this Fashionista has nailed it, too!