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May 9th, 2017 at 2:06am

During Easter weekend, I saw so many beautiful Fashionista’s rocking their dresses, skirts, long socks, and cute heels. But once I saw this Fashionisto—I just could not resist. I’ve never written an article about a Fashionisto, and this one in particular looked absolutely awesome in his Easter outfit.

The first thing I noticed about his outfit was how well all of his colors ended up tying together: the colors in the belt, the anchors on his button-down, and the deep blue of his shirt. This Fashionisto definitely knew what he was doing when picking out his outfit Easter morning. When explaining his outfit choice, he explained he didn’t want to under-do his shirt while trying to match with his belt, so he picked a top with the blue and white to match with his belt. Naturally, not to overdo the blue, he went with something dressy yet simple for his bottoms—khakis. And to complete his outfit, he went with a more casual shoe choice of these light blue Sperrys.

My main focus that totally drew me to this outfit, in particular, was his belt. I had never heard of FH Wadsworth until he informed of where he purchased his belt, and all I can say is what a hot staple! I cannot get over how patriotic of a clothing item it is, and it stands out in such a perfect way. He explained how it doesn’t need to be worn just as formal wear, either. He’ll wear it with a jean jacket on a casual day, or even a sweater in the fall. Once I ventured to the FH Wadsworth website, I couldn’t help but search one out for myself!

Altogether, the outfit was so inviting and interesting and I fell in love with how great this Fashionisto rocked this look! He was a natural born model for the photos as well, so it was a fashion win all around this Easter!