The Cool Girl's Guide to Denim

Denim is a crowd favorite and wardrobe staple for many. If you’re anything like me then jeans are an almost daily part of your outfit. Recently, this iconic fabric has undergone a refreshing change. So many new styles, silhouettes, and finishes have taken classic denim to a stylish new level. Right now, denim trends are moving away from tight fitting silhouettes and toward more oversized pieces and volume.

My thighs and circulation aren’t the only ones ecstatic about this. We can’t get enough of these new styles; and, of course, our Style Gurus (aka the coolest girls we know) are wearing these new trends better than anyone else.

Check out how they’ve pieced together these 10 amazing looks and get inspired!

1.  Half-way there. Unbuckled overalls: when you’re too cool to fully putting on a garment and it somehow still works.  (Photo via @typicaltuyen)

2. Fashion, eh. Pairing denim with more denim is no longer a no-no. The Canadian tuxedo is the suiting of choice for any and all cool girls.  (Photo via @charsanford)

3. Flood-proof. Cropped and straight leg is in! This is the perfect style for someone who i) lives in a flood zone and/or ii) is trying to move away from skinny jeans but isn’t quite ready for the ’70s bell bottoms.  (Photo via @hannahbertolino)

4. Your middle school wardrobe is calling. Denim skirts don’t seem to be going anywhere. Try searching for one with a unique detail like fun paneling or a lace up front.  (Photo via @mmoor)

5. Almost sweatpants. Cropped jeans not only are comfy and cute but they let you style your favorite statement booties in a fun new way. Plus they look most polished then sweats. (Photo via @brisaamarr)

6. Exposure. Pairing fishnets with your extra distressed denim has taken off and we are loving it! It’s a simple and inexpensive way to change up a classic look.  (Photo via @maddyhaller)

7. Jump right in. One pieces are are one piece we will always like. But a denim jumpsuit? We’re in love. (Photo via @wenndy_t)

8. Washed out. Try mixing dark and light washes; this way you’ll get the most wear out of your favorite pieces.  (Photo via @madisonbrunner)

9. Top it off. A denim cap? Can it get any cooler than that?  (Photo via @riaxla)

10. The ultimate piece. I think it’s everyone’s dream to find an oversized denim jacket, like this one, while thrifting. Dream big (literally). (Photo via @leanarae)

How are you making denim live up to it’s coolest potential? Share your OOTD on Instagram and be sure to tag us so we can style stalk!