Check Out These 6 Choker Styles Anyone Can Pull Off

January 20th, 2017 at 2:00am

Chokers have become one of the biggest revival trends in the past year; a trend that I, myself, have become quite drawn to. The fun thing about chokers is that they add spunk to any outfit, and there are tons of ways to vary them. Plus, as a college student, they are a major trend we can actually afford.

Want to spice up any simple outfit with a fun choker? Here is my “wrap-up” of the six different styles of chokers you should try!

1. The black, velvet choker ($15). This is your most basic choker style. It is a must-have for any Fashionista because it can worn with the most simple to patterned look and still add spunk. (Photo by sarahgargano29)

2. Choker with a pendant ($10). Can’t decide between a choker and traditional necklace? This hybrid style fuses the best of both into a single neck-essory. (Photo by anagabrielateran)

3. Velvet Tie Choker ($20). Don’t have an actual choker around? An easy hack is using a suede shoelace for your favorite pair of boots, wrap it around your neck a few times, and boom—a one-of-a-kind statement piece. (Photo by sarahgargano29)

4. Tattoo Choker ($26). The illusion of the tattoo choker gives you enough edge without the commitment and stares that come with a neck tat. (Photo by sofinaa)

5. Bedazzled Choker ($8). Looking to bring sometime nighttime glam into your everyday look? A bedazzled choker adds the appropriate amount of bling without looking like you are still wearing last night’s look. (Photo via with @withlovethelms)

6. Thick Choker ($30). When worn with a simple tank and/or tee, a thick, black choker creates the perfect goth-chic combo without looking like a total witch. (Photo by sarahdewald)