#CFsweats with ((305)) Fitness

May 11th, 2015 at 2:00am

The DJ was playing Beyoncé, the bass filled my veins and the lights transported me to a whole new level. I look around and all the “junkies” are high on endorphins.

I am not talking about a wild Saturday night. This all went down while dancing my heart out during our latest fitness obsession—((305)) Fitness. ((305)) can best be described as “rave-meets-workout.” Take all the best parts of a Miami club (think the moves, high energy and, yes, even the live DJ) and combine it with elements of cardio and toning and no wonder everyone is literally hooked on ((305)) Fitness.

While right now there are only studios in NYC and Washington D.C., ((305)) is hitting the road to bring their undergorund cardio party to cities across the country. This week they are in Chicago and speaking for the CollegeFashionista team in the Windy City, we could not be more excited!

We caught up with Sadie Kurzban, the mastermind behind this cardio dance party turned fitness craze, as she discussed her inspiration, starting a company while in college and her vision for the future of ((305)) (hello world domination!).

CollegeFashionista: Where did you go to school and what did you study?

Sadie Kurzban: I went to Brown University and studied Economics.

CF: Tell us what inspired you to start ((305)) Fitness?

SK: I was bored of the same old elliptical routine. In college, I loved to party with my girlfriends. I wanted my work out to feel as good and engaging as a night out. So, I came up with this concept of having a workout disguised as a real dance party with a live DJ. 

CF: What makes ((305)) Fitness so different?

SK: First, the experience is radically different. Forget the same monotonous, boring routine at the gym. We’re giving you an unparalleled experience where the DJ’s music is pumping through your veins, you’re moving at 100 mph, and you’re smiling the whole time. Our message is also completely different. We’re not here to tell you that you have to lose weight, fit into a size two and look good for “bikini season.” We’re here to ask you to live your life, yo! Feel fully alive. Move your body because it makes you happy.

CF: You started ((305)) Fitness straight out of college. What challenges do you face as a young entrepreneur?

SK: One challenge I faced was insecurity with my lack of experience. I figured I couldn’t possibly know how to start a company since I had never really worked at a company (!). It turns out, if you are humble enough to know what you don’t know and you can ask questions to those who know more, you’ll be just fine.

CF: What is your go-to song to dance to?

SK: So tough! Lately, I’ve been really feeling “Zero to 100″ by Drake. 

CF: Describe your personal workout philosophy in five words or less.

SK: Do what makes you happy. 

CF: What do you see as the future of ((305)) Fitness?

SK: Expansion to other cities across the U.S. including (yes!) some college campuses soon. I have seen the tremendous impact this workout has on a person’s physique, daily energy and overall confidence. I want to offer ((305)) to as many people as I can, while still ensuring that as we grow, I am delivering on my promise to offer highly effective workouts with kick-ass DJs and super-fun instructors.

CF: What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs out there?

SK: There is no right time to start a business. When you’re older, sure, you have experience, but you also have more responsibilities like a family to look after, which may prevent you from making the leap. If you wait until you make a lot of money, well, then it’s harder to readjust to living modestly and bootstrapping it for a while. Do it when you’re young. Sure, you will lack experience and make many mistakes (I know I did!) but if you don’t try it now, you may never get the courage to do it then.