How To Build Your Content Career With Certified Influence

When you graduate high school and venture out onto your college campus, it’s *literally* so exciting to be working toward a degree you feel passionate about. Even though it might be stressful to load up on heavy science textbooks, read pages upon pages of all of the latest psychology research, or study business marketing vocabulary all night long, it’ll all be worth it when you graduate and get your first “big girl job.”

However, for those who choose a nontraditional route, it might be a little more challenging to forge a path ahead. For example, content creation is not just a really cool career, it can also be a really lucrative one. That said, it is a relatively new frontier, and it is definitely not listed on your average university majors list.

Enter Certified Influence: Her Campus Media’s Creator Readiness Program. It’s the first-ever set of training courses designed for all the Gen Z people who want to work in the content creator space and secure all of their dream brand collaborations. Let’s break down how Certified Influence works:

What Is Certified Influence?

Certified Influence is the first-ever virtual training and certification program designed to educate aspiring and up-and-coming content creators and influencers. Plus, it’s totally free! The program teaches Gen Z how to grow and adapt to the ever-changing influencer industry by giving them the knowledge they’ll need to successfully secure and complete brand campaigns.

Users who complete the course will learn more about industry guidelines and influencer professionalism. Plus, you’ll learn how to set rates, pitch to brands, analyze metrics, execute a successful brand collab, and much, much more. Did I mention it’s FREE?

Why Is Certified Influence Important?

It’s no secret that Gen Z is obsessed with social media and building community. After all, a recent Her Campus Media survey found that 82% of Gen Z respondents want to be full-time content creators and 87% have a goal of securing brand partnerships. Certified Influence aims to be a vital resource for content creators and brands alike.

After all, there really is no coursework that teaches content creators how to establish their personal brand, how to partner with their favorite companies, and how to grow a community (not just followers). And there’s been no way for big-name brands to verify that they’re collaborating with professional content creators and influencers. However, Certified Influence sets the industry standard so that businesses and creators have clearer paths to success together. And who of us doesn’t want to see some sweet success?

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Who Can Become Certified?

Currently, members of the Her Campus Media community can start their Certified Influence journey ASAP. This includes brands such as InfluenceHer Collective, College Fashionista, and Campus Trendsetters.

So, for all the current and future fashionistas reading this, you can sign up for your certification right here, right now.

How Do You Become Certified?

Becoming certified does require a little bit of homework, but we promise it is so worth it. The program is divided into three “tiers” which include written and video modules with quizzes.

The great news is, once you wrap up your free virtual training, you’ll be named Certified Content Creator. You can then add your certificate to your social media pages, LinkedIn, resume, and media kits, and you can even frame it for your wall.