How to Capture that Picture-Perfect Moment

How to Capture that Picture-Perfect Moment

Three, two, one—strike a pose! Summertime means having picture-taking time, but capturing that right moment can be hard. Based on my own experience, here are some tips and tricks to make your picture-perfect moments even better.


Rather than just throwing up the lens and clicking the button, take the time to see what you’re actually capturing. Composition plays a huge role in making pictures stand out. One thing to look for is balance—if you’re aiming for your main focus to be in the center, make sure there’s even space (negative space) framing the image. Want to make your picture more interesting but don’t know how? Try moving your center-of-focus by cropping the photo and making it and asymmetrical composition—a small fix goes a long way.

2—Horizon line.

The horizon line is the visual boundary where the sky meets land, and it’s the actual height of the viewer’s eyes when looking at an object or scene. This can be easily forgotten when taking pictures—luckily, it can be a quick-fix in the post. It’s important to look out for any horizontal lines that run in the background of your picture. The goal? Making the line parallel with the top and bottom of your picture. You can use a rotating tool to adjust the photo. As a result, your picture appears straight and level.


Color is a great way to make your picture pop! Finding a cool area that has bright or contrasting colors can take your picture to a whole new level. Murals or street art are a fun way to make your photo unique while enhancing all of the surrounding natural beauty.


When in doubt, add a prop! Accessories draw attention to other areas in your picture. You’ll be surprised how a simple object like a pair of sunglasses can completely transform a picture. Little details like accessories on people or in the setting (whether with styling or just rearranging objects) can bring a whole other level to your images!


After a few clicks, you may find yourself wondering what pose to work next. It’s best to keep moving throughout your photo shoot—action makes a picture exciting! Jumping, spinning, or even holding up a peace sign is enough to give your picture that extra something you were looking for. Always think of new ways to make a picture interesting. Natural, candid action shots are caught when you least expect it, so click away!

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