Calling All Risk-Takers, Turn Your Hair Flops Into Hot Trends

I’m going to be real with you guys and disclose a truth to you that the fashion industry doesn’t always bring to light. Now, the fashion industry likes to say that taking risks is what fashion is all about. I, too, mentioned this in my last blog. Fashion is about taking chances, but you also need to be prepared for the result. Risks should be taken, but you may not always be pleased with the outcome. We like to think that a fashion designer grabs a little of this and a little of that, throws it all together, then marvels at their brilliant masterpiece. As if designers are just that good and their risks always end exactly as planned. However, that is not the case.

I recently took the risk of getting a new haircut and highlights. The results left me with an unpleasant surprise and out $400. Needless to say, my curls aren’t as “poppin’” as I had hoped, and I was quite disappointed. I later stumbled upon some of this summer’s hair trends and found that subtle highlights are in. My new highlights that I once thought were dull and unnoticeable are actually trending. Just like that, I started to feel more confident in my hair and gained a pep in my step. Why? Because my perspective was changed. As I thought deeper into fashion risks I realized that most fashion trends were results of

As I thought deeper into fashion risks I realized that most fashion trends were results of risks that didn’t end up as expected. Instead of changing this “failed risk” to fit the status quo, the status quo is changed to fit the risk. Thus, a trend is made! All because we, the fashion industry, say so.

So yeah, I was bummed about my new hair-do, but then I told myself it was bomb and so it was! I am writing to you not to discourage you from taking risks, but to encourage you. Know that even when the outcome isn’t as expected, a simple change in perspective makes all the difference.

Here are a few of the latest summer hair trends that were once taboo, but have been recently reclaimed as “in style.”

Gray hair is no longer just a symbol of age and wisdom, but rather an edgy look. Go all gray, try a silver balayage, or maybe a blonde gray look. Just have fun, because gray is now young!

Oh no, your roots are showing! No worries, natural roots are all the rage.

Attention all curly girls, leave those wash ‘n go’s alone! No need to stress over how to define those tight curls, just let your mane run free. The summer look for my naturalistas is undefined, fluffy fros! Embrace it, girlfriend, because your frizz is fierce!

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