Boot-iful Soles

Boots are super necessary for obvious reasons. (i.e. Sandals and exposed toes don’t mix well with snow and ice. Trust us.) But while they definitely serve a purpose, let’s be real—that’s not what makes them so great. We love boots because they are the one chance to show off our personal style during the winter.

Thank about it—it is hard to really put thought into a great outfit when it will just end up being hidden under a massive winter coat. Are you wearing the sickest blouse ever or your pajamas and no bra? No one will ever know! So we pour of Fashionista/o efforts and powers into fabulous footwear.

These Fashionistas are totally on board with the power of a “boot-iful sole” (get it?). Check out the unique and stylish picks they choose to rock this winter!

University of Nebraska


Photo via Rachel Perry

College of Charleston


Photo via Hannah Boyle

Sacred Heart University


Photo via Briana Andreoli

Fordham University


Photo via Christina D’Ambrosio

University of Houston


Photo via Cierra Arterberry

College of DuPage


Photo via Gilary Valenzuela