Your Must-Have Beauty Look For Tailgate Season

Sponsored by Body Bauble

Football fan or not, tailgating is an incredibly fun part of campus life. Showing off your school spirit, on the other hand, can sometimes prove uninspiring.

In a stadium of the same school colors, it seems almost too easy to go along with the crowd. But, let’s face it — Style Gurus are meant to stand out.

The key? Amp up your beauty game —adding unexpected accessories, like facial jewels, is a playful way to highlight your features and cheer on your team.

Body Bauble makes it super easy to experiment with your look. The rhinestones are peel and stick so you can switch up your styling and save time getting ready.

Just like that, #GuruGang takes the lead to score in style!

Want to learn more about the inspiration behind the brand? Check out our podcast with Danielle Bernstein this Tuesday to learn more.