The Best Workout Songs, According to These Fitness-Obsessed Students

February 9th, 2018 at 2:00am
The Best Workout Songs, According to These Fitness-Obsessed Students

It’s no secret that a playlist can make or break a workout. That one fire chorus or incredible beat drop can pump the adrenaline from 0 to 100 (even when you’re mentally unsure of being able to finish that last set). So to find how our community stays strong during even the most difficult workouts, we asked a few of the attendees at our #PrimarkSetGo Workout Classes at AKT Studio in New York City and Trillfit in Boston to tell us what their go-to motivational songs are. Read their picks, shop their favorite Primark products, and then add the entire Spotify playlist to your phone, stat.

Sorry” by Demi Lovato

Listen to this song during: Youtube Dance Videos

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“This song makes me feel strong. I’ve really struggled with having a positive body image, but Demi’s music has been part of the reason why I’m starting to feel confident. I love The Fitness Marshall’s video featuring this song. I always feel happier and stronger when it comes on. It’s amazing how much music can impact your mood and motivation!” — Brooke Sutton, Simmons College, class of 2019

Fourth of July” by Fall Out Boy

Listen to this song during: Running

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“This song builds up really fast and is super powerful. It makes me feel energized and motivates me to push myself. I especially love to listen to it when I’m running, because every time the song speeds up, I feel like I should too!” — Norah Murphy, Parsons, class of 2018

New Rules” by Dua Lipa

Listen to this song during: Zumba

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“I love to work out to this song because it’s such a bop! Also, the message behind the song is relatable and pushes me to put more into my workout. I listen to this song at Zumba. It’s very rhythmic.” — Meryl Prendergast, North Eastern University, class of 2021

Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars

Listen to this song during: Spin Class

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“Sometimes if I listen to songs I really like while I work out, I forget about the soreness and power through. Plus, a good jam in the background can get you more into it when the beat aligns with your counts! When I work out and listen to this song, it feel less like a workout and more like a fun dance party.” — Soni Solano, Fashion Institute of Technology, class of 2019

Stronger” by Kanye West

Listen to this song during: Cardio

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“If I ever hit a stagnant point in my workout, this song definitely picks me up—it’s very upbeat and motivational. Whenever I listen to the song, I want to push myself to bike a little bit harder.”  — Emily O’Brien, Fordham University, class of 2021

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To hear the rest of our ultimate workout playlist curated by our community, head to CF’s Spotify account now!