BEAUTY BAR: Work That Hair

I love hair. In my opinion, your hair can take any look to the the next level. You can change what you are saying through your outfit by simply fixing your hair in a different way. When I found this Fashionista and her insane twisted braid, I had to learn more. She took the time to tell me what she did to create her hairstyle and how it amped up her look for the day! Cool braids are a big trend on social media and in everyday life, so it was amazing to see a college version right in front of me.

To create her amazing do, this Fashionista said it only took a few minutes and two different braids which I was in awe of. She first started by taking the top half of her hair and creating a regular braid going down her back. She then did a fishtail braid on the bottom half of her hair to serve as the base. Once those braids had both been secured with hair ties, she wrapped her top braid around her fishtail braid to create a chic and fun look. She took two simple braiding styles and made it all her own.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: This hairstyle is a lot easier than it looks to recreate. All you need is your hair, preferably a little on the dirty side with some dry shampoo to hold the braids in and make them last longer, and some hair ties of your choice! You can also add some bobby pins throughout the hair to pin down some of the fly-aways if you are looking for a more polished look.