BEAUTY BAR: Winged for Spring

The plane of Earth’s equator has crossed paths with the center of the sun, marking the beginning of springtime on this planet. Birds are flying back from migration despite that groundhog’s prediction of six more wintery weeks. This Fashionista spreads her wings as well with a winged eyeliner, black bird aesthetic.

This all-dark look contrasts against her white blonde hair and cherry red acrylic nails, creating a couple focal points. She sports a cozy black sweater and leggings with gray booties to stay true to the chilly temperatures that are actually in the forecast this spring. Dressed in black and ready to brave the cold, this Fashionista’s look is formed straight off the beauty bar.

Laying down the liquid foundation, she starts with a natural looking, neutral base. Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer is a great go-to to mimic this step. The next step consists of nude lips. This can be achieved with a neutral color of lipstick from Nars.

It’s the eyes that are really going to make this look fly. Liquid eyeliner is essential in crafting the perfect wings. Use it to draw a curved line diagonally up and away from the corner of your eye. Then trace another thin line slightly underneath and back to the corner of your eye. Fill this in as thick as you want your wings to be. The Fashionista flares her look out with long and dark lashes. Glossy black mascara will do the trick, but so will fake eyelashes. Take your pick depending on how big you want your wingspan to be.

Spread your winged eyes for spring! Use your beauty bar to make any look pop, whether you feel like dressing up or dressing down.