BEAUTY BAR: Wicked Beautiful Purple Lips

It’s hard to not be in the mood for hot cocoa and hayrides when the temperature cools and the leaves start to fall. Pretty soon the lovely ladies of fall start to don their cozy sweaters and burgundy lips. As much as I love the season I feel like I end up wearing the same trends every time fall rolls around. It’s time to ditch those typical dark red lips and try something new. I suggest that we take a slightly wicked turn and harness the sinister gloom of All Hallows Eve with a slick black lip.

I’m sure that black lipstick brings all types of horrendous images to mind. Maybe you picture an intimidating ’90s grunge chick. Perhaps you imagine a vampire from everyones favorite book series. Or possibly it even brings to mind your most feared demons and evil spirits. Don’t worry my lovely little gremlins, a few simple tips will take this daring look out of the horror films and straight into every day. You’ll be perfectly ready to strut the sidewalks, during the day, with no trick-or-treat bag necessary.

First and foremost, let’s discuss the makeup itself. The perfect face starts with the perfect foundation. Hide your under eye circles and spots with a little bit of concealer and set it with a light powder. Make sure that you don’t forget to apply blush with this look because the black lips are likely to make you look like a washed out corpse without it. Don’t go crazy on the eye makeup because you run the risk of looking too overdone. A light brush of mascara and a little bit of eyeliner is all that you need.

The lips are the most important part of this look so make sure that you give your smoocher a little extra tender loving care. Make sure your lips are moisturized and exfoliated so the pigment doesn’t get stuck on any dry patches. The next step is to apply lip liner and you have a few different options. If you want your lips to be a subtle black color then I would suggest using a dark purple or red lip liner. However, if you want the intense black lip that this look is all about than go for a black lip liner. Last but certainly not least, apply your lustfully intense black lipstick.

Now it’s time to play dress up and find the perfect outfit to complement your sinister beauty. This beauty look is the perfect statement for a fancier event. This Fashionista pairs her violet lips with a romantic lace top and flowy pastel skirt. It’s fun to pair a light color palette of clothing with the dark lips because it creates an interesting contrast between angelic and mysterious.

Don’t be afraid to try out this new trend and remember that the key to pulling off any look is killer confidence.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Try out this black lip liner by NYX cosmetics and my favorite black lipstick from MAC cosmetics.