BEAUTY BAR: The Top Knot

Last spring, the top knot came onto the scene out of nowhere and seemed to take over the entire world. In less than a week, it became something I’d never seen before (and something I was completely questioning) to something I found myself doing with my own hair! I loved it for those days where I felt like my hair had so much volume that I needed something to tone it down a bit. I also loved it for those days when I wanted to look nice, but the weather was simply too hot to handle; and I needed to get some of my hair off my back (no pun intended).

Now that it’s fall, I feel like this hairstyle is better than ever. It saves me tons of time in the mornings when I want to look presentable, but don’t have a whole lot of time to get ready in the mornings (usually because I like sleeping until the last possible second)! Now that summer’s over, my hair doesn’t have quite as much volume; and I’m able to curl it, like this Fashionista did in the pictures! If I’m in a rush, I simply pull all the hair above my ears up into a bun. I have now cut down the amount of hair I need to curl or straighten in half!

What’s On the BEAUTY BAR: For this look, I use four bobby pins. No, I am not joking, that’s really all I use! Some people will likely need more if they have super thick hair. If you want a look like this Fashionista, I recommend using a curling iron like this or this! If you’re wanting a more natural look, like my hair in this blog post, i recommend using a mousse (this is my favorite) and a hair dryer with a diffuser! To get the look, simply separate the top half of your hair, twist it like you would a normal bun, and pin it into place. If you have really fine hair, I recommend spraying it lightly with hairspray before you pull it up, to make sure it will hold!