BEAUTY BAR: The Perfect Amount of Messy

I have been getting back in to the groove of waking up early for class. Let’s just say having an 8:00 a.m. does not fit well with my sleep schedule. I usually wake up at the last possible minute and throw on an outfit and run out the door to notice that my hair looks atrocious. I never really understood when people said, “hair can make or break an outfit.” and I am now definitely seeing that to be true. I always want to do something with my hair, but I have never found the perfect style that I can put together in a short amount of time that will also stay in place on top of looking good.

This Fashionista showed me a little trick with a hairstyle that I am in love with but have never been able to get just right. She finally shared her secret with me and said she uses argan oil to first tame her frizz. Next, she pulls her hair up into a high pony and pulls her hair all the way through once. Then she pulls it back through halfway, lets it lay loose then she pull sections out and tucks them back in to create the messy look. To keep all the fly aways tame, she adds a little bit of hairspray.

To finish the look, she adds a headband to finish off the look, which also ultimately holds it all together. I love this style because it is so versatile and looks great–especially if you want to achieve a boho look!

This is super quick and easy so try it out at home, and you can even touch up the messy pieces with a wand for a more refined look.