BEAUTY BAR: Sunset Strands On A Rainy Day

December 10th, 2015 at 2:07am

As the semester is coming to a close, and students across the country are gearing up for finals, take this time to vamp up your style with the hottest hair trend this season. Fashion bloggers and hair stylists have been coloring their hair from different inspirations such as galaxy, mermaid and rainbows. The hottest “Insta-worthy” hair-coloring trend as of late is sunset strands, inspired by the beautiful warm glow of sky as the day ends. There is no time like finals week for any Fashionista to take time for themselves. Dial your stylist and get ready to have locks inspired by the colors of the wind.

The Fashionista captured above has taken the sunset strands trend and made it her own. She loves to play with color and enjoys changing up her hairstyle. She added bubblegum pink dye to her hair to give almost a warm glow to a rainy day. She adds pearlescent pink blush to complement the bubblegum tips. She creates her own lip color using brown powder eye shadow and lip primer. Combining rich browns and subtle pinks complement each other well for an autumn look.

Her style is the perfect balance between edgy and girly. Here in the Midwest there is no telling what the weather will do. Sporting an oversized cardigan is essential. They are perfect for the brisk walk to class and easy to take off if it gets too toasty in the lecture hall. Pairing her oversized sweater with destructed denim and floral boots adds a great mix of edgy-chic. The mid rise fit is perfect this fall for any Fashionista. Notice the denim is cuffed to put more emphasis on the statement boots. The floral boots bring the entire Fashionista’s look together.

The sunset color trend is sweeping through social media and making a huge impact. There is no better feeling than taking time for you. It is healthy and important, especially with stressful events coming up.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To have beautifully rich colored hair you will need One ‘N Only ‘N Oil Perfect Intensity hair color in various colors like Hot Pink, Scarlet Red and Pure Magenta. The Sunset trend can either follow a warm color scheme of reds, yellows or oranges. If you want a more sensual color scheme, opt for hues in blues and purples. Having healthy hair in the colder months is easy when you use OGX Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo.